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Roll Call!

Edit.  The following intro is a bit old.  I unfortunately ended my long term relationship after nearly ten years.  Just couldn't be worked out.  I got the house and the dogs and am relatively happy now.  I finished my online RN to BSN program and am a genuine college graduate at the age of 48!!!  Woot!

Edit #2 - I finally reached the ripe old age of 50 and am feeling fabulous!  I always get the "you don't look 50" thing, and I attribute that to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I deleted my Myspace page.  I do have Facebook and love to have vegwebbers for friends. You can private message me and I'll give you my name.  Or you can find me on the vegweb fan page.

Edit #3 - Finally went vegan.  The last couple of years, I've been slowly getting there, replacing household and personal products with vegan items such as vegan soaps, candles, cleaners.  I've bought vegan shoes, belts and wallets.  I'm loving it!  Decided to let my hair go naturally grey instead of coloring it so I don't get the "you don't look 50" thing as much anymore.  LOL  I now have a desk job in the admit-transfer center and hate it hate it hate.  I just can't be stuck behind a desk, and I'm the lookout for something else.

Edit #4 - Found a position at the hospital I currnetly work on an ortho floor.  I think I'll like returning to the bedside and not a desk job.  w00t

It's been a while and I thought it might be nice to for everyone who posts here to tell a little about yourself.  I took a little sabbatical from this site (went back to eating meat for two years..........bleech), but lurked from time to time, but have been a part of this site for gee, can it be 8 or more years????  But I don't know a lot of you. 

I am a nurse.  I am a male. (yes, a person who will remain nameless called me a "she".)  I am gay.  I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last nine years with a great guy who now travels a lot. I was an ovo-lacto veg*n for about 12 years before slipping, I plead insanity.

I'm currently in an online program to go from an ADN RN to BSN RN and hope to finally graduate from college at the age of 48 next year. 

I have a very boring blog here:

You're turn.  Tell me your business!

Well, I've been throwing my 2 cents all over the place for the last couple months, so I guess I should formally say hi!

I love this group, BTW-- I don't need facebook or myspace: between Shelfari & Vegweb, my modest online social needs are entirely met. (lol)

My family wasn't completely vegetarian while I was growing up, but mostly... I drifted away from the veggie fold as a young adult (rebellion? probably), & then gradually drifted back... first 'no mammals'... then 'no fowl'... then for years I was pesco-veg. A couple months ago, I started having some arthritis in my hands... I'm THIRTY EIGHT freakin' years old, so I am NOT ok with having arthritis yet, dammit!!! I'm not a 'prescription' kinda chick, so started reading about nutritional triggers/ treatments, & lo: dairy's a big arthritis offender! Who knew?! (Oh- all the vegans in the world? really? ok, well, it was news to me!)... I'd already been leaning toward giving it up anyway, so said, hey, I'll go dairy-free for 30 days & see what happens... Wow, best decision ever! Not only were the joint problems GONE within 2 weeks (still haven't recurred at all), I felt so good (once the opiate withdrawals passed-- not kidding!) & learned so much about all the other reasons to avoid dairy... Long story short(er), I'll be damned if I'll ever go back to putting that stuff in my body. I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't quit it sooner!

I'm not totally purely vegan, 100% of the time in all circumstances; after careful consideration over the last couple months, rethinking all my food ethics, I have decided that I am (drumroll, please) an 'ecovegavore'!... no existing category really fit me, so I had to make one up... ecovegavores eat vegan about 95% of the time (I know, because I'm the only one; kinda like Tigger!), with occasional specific exceptions based on low environmental impact/ high sustainability... I wrote up a (very thorough!) ecovegavore manifesto recently, while avoiding some paperwork that I emphatically didn't wish to do... If you're avoiding work too, or really really bored, check it out towards the bottom of page, on the post from 'tanya s' on Shelfari's 'Food & Politics' discussion group-- I'm thinking of making this into a brochure, to whip out whenever I get the ol' "But WHAT do you EAT?" question:

I'm a pediatric occupational therapist; have one sweet bright son, who's 17 & kicking some serious academic butt; & have a genetic mutation (apparently) that prohibits me from driving past stray animals without putting them in my car & taking them home. Current pets include 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a husband. I'm a seriously addicted 'readophile,' & go through ridiculous amounts of books; my favorite animal-related & food-ethics books are 'An Omnivore's Dilemma,' 'When Elephants Weep,' 'The End of Food,' 'Fast Food Nation,' & 'Harvest for Hope'... still reading, though, so more could be added at any moment... I LOVE a good argument, civilly conducted, which is why I can't seem to stay out of 'Food Fight'! I love trying new things in the kitchen, & the recipes here are awesome; also, I'm in Arkansas, so (while there ARE enclaves of intellectual progressives here, if you know where to look, & know the secret handshake!) it's very nice to have access to a less bacon-lovin' community of peers. So, Hi, VegWeb! You rock!

(Ok-- gotta go to Food Fight now, to find something to argue about....)



Lifetime vegan here!!!

I'm an award-winning independent fimmaker and vegan. Those 2 things are my life!!!


Hello! my name is kris. I'm 26 , & soon to be living in Austin, Tx!

*Can not even begin to imagine how receptive Texas will be to a Vegan*

well I already live in texas, and one of the reasons I'm moving to austin is BECAUSE of how vegan friendly it is.

Hey! Sorry for being so slow responding to this (not the best about keeping up with every forum here), but I live in Austin and find it really easy! The flagship Whole Foods store is here and it is ridiculous. Also try out Central Market (for fancy, gourmet items) and Wheatsville Co-op near the UT campus. However, the regular grocery chain here (HEB) has a huge produce section and most locations carry everything from tofu to vital wheat gluten to a big selection of Amy's, Lightlife, Boca and Morningstar products.

As far as restaurants go, Casa de Luz serves delicious, simply prepared, organic, macrobiotic, 100% vegan food. Veggie Heaven (Asian), Mother's (home cooking, hippie-ish), Swad (Indian) are all completely vegetarian. We also have an amazing vegan trailer called Counter Culture that has sandwiches (Jackfruit BBQ and Seitan Phillies!) and raw options. Daily Juice Cafe serves up organic juices and raw foods that are awesome. Titaya's is the best Thai food and has clearly marked vegan options. The Parlor makes the best vegan pizzas and has a great punk rock jukebox. Mr. Natural is a Mexican food spot/bakery that is all vegetarian, mostly vegan and they have a really fattening but delicious menu. Koriente is my go-to spot downtown and has really fantastic updates on Korean classics. Very vegan/gluten-free friendly. Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse is an all veggie, very granola kind of spot to get free wifi, tofu scramble and a good latte on the southside. Message me if you need more info! I hope this helps!



I have been using recipes on this website for about five years or so now, and I guess it's finally time to create an account and say hello. Every recipe I have used on this site has turned out AMAZING! I never thought giving up cheese could be so easy. I must admit, I not fully vegan, but I am prepared to give it a go for the month of February, since that is the shortest month of the year :)
I guess the more recipes I can perfect before then, the easier it will be!
Thanks for the tips!


welcome, everybody ^_^


Hi, my name is Theresa, I am 34 married and a mommy to a beautiful 4 year old boy and live in North Brunswick, NJ. I am a paralegal for an insurance defense firm.  I have only been a vegan for two months, so I was very happy to find this website.  I decided to become vegan after doing so research, I have had 5 (yes 5) knee surgeries and have chronic pain in my left knee.  Since becoming vegan I have lost 20 pounds and my knee pain has become tolerable.  ;)b  Hoping to get rid of it for good.  Want to get back to hiking with my hubby! I love to cook and love the recipes on this site and the forums. Talk to everyone soon!


Hi Curlyq!!!  Best of luck to you in nursing school and beyond.  Welcome to Vegweb!


Greetings everyone!

I guess this is as good a place as any to leap in.

I've been vegetarian for about a year, and have just (like in the last couple of weeks) made the transition to vegan. About a year or so ago, I was slapped upside the head with my diet choices, made a clean cut and never looked back.

My family runs an animal rescue ( for dogs with special obviously I'm an animal lover.

I'm a smart ass but will play nice when I should.

Hopin' to get piles of info here as well as make some veg pals.


Hi Everyone!
I am fairly new to vegweb.  I do check in almost on a daily basis for recipes or to read the forums or sometimes to chat.  I'm 37 and  have been a vegetarian for about 4 years.  Even before that I would go months without eating meat just because I didn't like it.  I have been working toward becoming a vegan this past year.  Can't say I'm doing good at it though.  It is  difficult mostly because it is inconvenience around all my family and friends who are not vegetarians.  They just don't "get it".  My husband of 10 years is pretty supportive though.  He eats complete opposite of me.  Rarely eating vegetables and always eating some sort of meat.  It is exhausting cooking since I am usually making so much food for everybody since everyone eats differently.  Oh yea, I also have 3 little girls, all under 7 years old.  I want them to become vegetarians too.  I love checking in on vegweb because then I don't feel so "alone" in my little veg world.  :)>>>
Thanks vegweb!!!


Hey Everyone!

I am super stoked about how helpful everyone is on this site!  It is so nice to know that there are people out there who share my desire to live a cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes I feel that I am a man amongst none, especially because none of my friends are vegetarian and it is difficult to go to dinner parties because I dont like people going out of their way to make something special for me.  I usually end up drinking water and tortilla chips :)

Anyways, I am a teacher for kids with special needs, and I have lived in beautiful Santa Cruz for almost two years now.  This is probably one of the most eco/vegan-friendly cities in the world!  Unfortunately, I am moving back to my hometown of Sacramento in 5 months to go back to school and get my elementary teaching credential.  I can't wait to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a 4th grade teacher!!  That said, Sacramento/Elk Grove is NOT vegan friendly.  In Elk Grove (20 miles S of Sacto), vegetarian means drenched in cheese or a Salad.  It's funny because most people here don't even know what Vegan is.  So, I am hoping that this site will be my saving grace and help me through a rough patch in my life.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday! 



Welcome to all the new faces!!!  Vegweb REALLY helped my tranistion to veganism, and helped me improve my cooking/baking skills overall!

Bovina, that is so cool that your family helps animals with special needs!  How wonderful!

SS85, I've worked with children with special needs since high school as well, and have focused in working with children affected by Autism for the last six years.  People always say, oh that must be hard and take so much patience, but I don't agree with that.  I love my job, (not everyone can say that!)  and love all the kiddos I've worked with! I'm going to grad school right now and trying to get my board certification in behavioral therapy.
I hope you love your job as much as I love mine!!!

Stay with the vegan vibes everyone, you won't regret it!


Hello everyone!!
My name is Jessica, I am a single mom (by choice) of a fantastic almost 3 year old. I have been lurkin the site for quite sometime now. I am a pesca veggie, and i am raising my daughter as one too despite the criticism. I sell beer for a living to support us, and am planning on starting college this coming year. at the ripe age of 27 i still really don't know what i want to be when i grow up, but i always keep going back to midwifery. who knows?!!! I started my eating habits right before thanksgiving of my 21st birthday, just couldn't stomach the taste of meat anymore, (although seafood was alright) I didn't have the save the animals approach when it all came up, it just was my body telling me to switch things around. Of course over the years I have done more research on hormones and everything, so there are a collection of reasons that i do what i do. NONE of my friends are veggie or are close, big ol' meat eaters that waited for my phase to pass taunting me with meat, but they have accepted it and like to try my new creations. my father although still invites me out to completely meat filled eating events where the salads are even all doused in bacon. I really don't understand the whole "can't you just pick it out?" thing. Does anyone else get that??? well that is about it for now, it is really great to meet you all!



Just want give everyone a big hello and many well wishes. I am not new to this site however i use it all the time to create new meals. I am hoping to contribute more gluten free dishes .  I am from the northern cal area (sacramento). Thanky you to all the wonderful people who share their great recipes.


Hello all! I'm a vegan with a concentration in raw cuisine. Began submitting recipes finally. Starting to study nutrition at Rutgers in NJ.


I'm new here :) I'm a southern American woman , 40, now living in Holland for 7 1/2 years. I recently went vegan after slowly taking things out of my diet for the last year. I was a vegetarian from the age of 14 until I was 30 when I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and my doctor told me that I'd need to eat meat. As the years have gone by in Holland, I've been more and more sick & tired, finally being diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year. At that point, I decided it was time to go back to the way I'd eaten before Celiac disease. I notice that when I don't eat meat or animal products, my achy joints and fatigue greatly diminishes.

I have a fantastic hubby - no lie or I never would've left sunny Florida for cold & damp Holland! We have two little girls and two rescue dogs. I work for an American biotech company that has offered me the chance to relocate back to the US, so Texas here we come! Sometime in mid 2010.

I love to cook! The best thing about being diagnosed with Celiac disease is that it forced me to evaluate what I put in my mouth and learn to cook if I wanted something I couldn't find gluten free.



I just join this site the other day and is really happy to see so many like minded people. The recipes here is outstanding. I hope to post is of my recipes very soon however I have been so busy building blogs for people that I need to take a break or organize my time better. I have been a vegan now for about 2 years and have turn my life around 500% first I have lost 150lbs and that was all in one years. I have stop taking medications because I do not need them anymore.
I spend most of my free time with my visual arts and also taking picture. Most people I know now say that I have became a wonderful Vegan Chef. What I like most is baking cakes, pies and cookies.
I like to think of my self as a very creative person.
I'm always looking for like minded friends and to have a vegan for a friend is a real plus in my book.
What I look for in friend are people that will step out of there comfort zone and do something new or is working on self.
Feel free to contact me and if you live in my area which is Alexandria Va. maybe we can get together and talk, cook, or just share recipes.


Wow 150 lbs!!! That's awesome kcdareem!


Hello all, I'm Liz. I've been using this site since I went veg three years ago. It was a great life line when I wasn't sure what to cook. Now just about every time I make a recipe from here, I wow the crowd! So thanks to everyone who supplies a recipe!

My family and I just moved from Northern Utah to small town Virginia. This is quite a transition for us but we're adjusting. There's a lot of hunting here and I get a few looks when I say I'm veg. It's funny though since I've got the four year old little boy that loves tofu, tempeh and seitan, not to mention most of his veggies including eggplant and broccoli. I don't think a lot of people here can say that! LOL

My husband has been very understanding and supportive although he won't fully switch over to vegetarian. He calls himself a vacationing meat eater.

I'm a stay at home mom that loves graphic design and doing stuff like knitting, gardening and cooking!


I am from England, I have been vegetarian since I could understand that meat was a killed animal.  I am not vegan....yet, but I have found much inspiration to follow that route by reading on here.
It's good to be among like-minded people.



Hi liz!  Glad you're introducing yourself and discovering the forums after using the site for so long.  You can learn so much from the forums too!

Hey Pat!  Where abouts are you in England?  There's a couple of us on VW in the UK.  You might be near one of us!



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