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Roll Call!

Edit.  The following intro is a bit old.  I unfortunately ended my long term relationship after nearly ten years.  Just couldn't be worked out.  I got the house and the dogs and am relatively happy now.  I finished my online RN to BSN program and am a genuine college graduate at the age of 48!!!  Woot!

Edit #2 - I finally reached the ripe old age of 50 and am feeling fabulous!  I always get the "you don't look 50" thing, and I attribute that to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I deleted my Myspace page.  I do have Facebook and love to have vegwebbers for friends. You can private message me and I'll give you my name.  Or you can find me on the vegweb fan page.

Edit #3 - Finally went vegan.  The last couple of years, I've been slowly getting there, replacing household and personal products with vegan items such as vegan soaps, candles, cleaners.  I've bought vegan shoes, belts and wallets.  I'm loving it!  Decided to let my hair go naturally grey instead of coloring it so I don't get the "you don't look 50" thing as much anymore.  LOL  I now have a desk job in the admit-transfer center and hate it hate it hate.  I just can't be stuck behind a desk, and I'm the lookout for something else.

Edit #4 - Found a position at the hospital I currnetly work on an ortho floor.  I think I'll like returning to the bedside and not a desk job.  w00t

It's been a while and I thought it might be nice to for everyone who posts here to tell a little about yourself.  I took a little sabbatical from this site (went back to eating meat for two years..........bleech), but lurked from time to time, but have been a part of this site for gee, can it be 8 or more years????  But I don't know a lot of you. 

I am a nurse.  I am a male. (yes, a person who will remain nameless called me a "she".)  I am gay.  I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last nine years with a great guy who now travels a lot. I was an ovo-lacto veg*n for about 12 years before slipping, I plead insanity.

I'm currently in an online program to go from an ADN RN to BSN RN and hope to finally graduate from college at the age of 48 next year. 

I have a very boring blog here:

You're turn.  Tell me your business!

First off , thank you so much to ALL of you for the warm and welcoming spirit of VegWeb.  I feel as though I'm among friends.

I, like so many others before me, had been lurking on VegWeb as a 'visitor'; I figured it's about time to take the plunge and start contributing myself.  (I love the 'cookbook lab' forum, and am so grateful for the well thought out recipe reviews.)

I'm 42, have been a vegetarian since high school (thanks to a really awesome human being who keyed me in to the idea of vegetarianism- I'm grateful to have had that exposure at such an impressionable age).  I fell off the wagon, so to speak, briefly in college until I learned about the ethical aspects of vegetarianism.  I've dabbled in veganism for stretches of time.  I'm now vegan (since the beginning of summer).  I plan to stay vegan.  It is, without question, the right thing for me to do.

It warms my heart knowing there are so many good-hearted people out there as evidenced by this website.  You all help maintain my faith in humanity. 

Thank you for this website.  Thank you for being your wonderful selves.

With Love. 


Hi there. I'm Alex. I'm 18, and I'm Vegan. More often than not, I call myself Vegan Straight Edge, because, personally, for me, they go hand in hand. I try to keep a clean mind and clean body. Emphasis on "try."
To be blatant, I'm a fat vegan. It's quite an interesting life to lead. I'm trying to get healthier and lose weight, but that's tough when you come from living most of your life with piss poor eating habits and such awesome genetics. Such awesome fat genetics.
Anyway, beyond that stuff, I'm all about the music. Everything from Death Metal to Hip-Hop, Dubstep to Hardcore. I love music, and don't discriminate based on genre. If it's good, I'll listen to it.
I also play drums, and, in a perfect world, I would make a career out of it. I'm trying to make a career out of it, but first, I have to find a band. But before I do that, I need better drums, which cost money. And for money, I need a job. And that's where I am right now.

I'm in a journey in self-improvement at this juncture in my life. I'm an 18 year fat Straight Edge Vegan kid living in his parents basement with no job trying to get healthy, get paid, and get in an awesome band.  And I'm sure you've figured out by now, I'm pretty honest. Part of my general mindset about the world is to see things as they are, but to maintain a positive mindset by seeing the good in everything.

That's me in a nutshell. I'm happy to be here.

Keep on keepin' on. And stuff.


Awesome Alex....all the best!


An excellent post. Very good.


excellent spam. very good -_-


Hi there folks, I am Treklady, even though my username says otherwise. Got to love typos. I have been a vegetarian (this is the second time around) for over 2 years and let go of eggs over 1 year ago. I eat cheese rarely, but soon hope to have that out of my eating lifestyle as well.

I am loving so many of the recipes offered here. I have used them at my Thanksgiving this year and also in the raw food classes I teach at my local health food store. I rave about the site and direct many a people here. Great place, and love visiting.


excellent board ;)b


What's Up VW!?

I'm brand spaking new around here, but I was veg for 5+ years until an ill advised diet change a little over a year ago. I'm back on the wagon, and looking forward to finally getting back to myself and my veggies!

Super stoked on all of the recipes here, as I get back into the swing of things I'll try to add some of my old favorites.

Sláinte!  ;)b


Welcome MeritaViola and Treklady! 
I'll cop to being a Trek fan too -even named a dog after Chancellor Gowron.  ;D




I had a good day yesterday,everyday I look for a funny thing to do to make me keep happy.


Hey Savvy, I want to name my next dog Sarjenka. No one will get it but me, but I am cool with that.


Ooh! I guess it's my turn now huh? Ok well I'm Dirk. Aka Big Dirka or Dirk the Veggie Jerk formerly known as Tofurkey Dirky The Veggie Jerky with a broccoli and baseball bat! I'm 24 and I live in west valley city utah! I'm originally from puerto rico but my grandparents were military so I've been all over. While puerto rico is my birthplace I also call sao tome home as that's where my mom's side of the family is. I was in foster care at 13 and adopted at 17 luckily I was still allowed to see my gramps. I'm 24 as of a month ago. I was raised vegan if they had vegan reses peanut butter cup, I'd still be but I just learned how to make them so umm... Oh well I don't really believe in labels anyway! My grandparents are vegan but they say vegan's a new word so they still all themselves vegetarian. Me and utah have a love/hate relationship. I love that everything is on a coordinate plane so it's nearly impossible to get lost. Like I live exactly 25 blocks south and 11.36 blocks west of the salt lake temple (and if there are any utahns here you just learned my addy). I hate that this state views me as either too black or not black enough (black people aren't supposed to speak spanish and portuguese nore are they supposed to have a grasp of the english language I guess). My adoptive parents are idiotic drama queens, I haven't met a single veg here and the only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I have great friends who amazingly aren't from here either. Ok life story aside I accidentally came to this site! There's only one place that I know of that sells prepackaged seitan and it's super expensive for a little bitty package! I knew you could make it from scratch as my grandma always did it and those chinois places back home too!  So I was browsing the net and after soo many pages of crap I found this one. My friends were like why don't you just do tofu? I hate tofu! I was raised on seitan then I had an egg and it was soo gross and after my first egg there was tofu and it just reminded me of that texture of eggs so I've never been a fan! Anywho I saw the seitan section and I was hooked! I love cooking and my new hobby is "Dirkanizing" american dishes I find in random magazines and cookbooks, or from a picture. So tonight I not only made seitan but I invented a vegan philly cheesesteak!!!! Ok it's probably been done before but I've never seen one until my friend was eating the meat version at arbies and I challenged him that I could make a vegetarian version of that. He's trying it tomorrow.  Thanks guys


Nice to meet you your nicknames!


Well, it is time, I am very new to these forum things and I am not sure I will ever keep up. I've been snatching recipes and enjoying them from vegweb for sometime now and thought it was time to become active and contribute some of my own tasty creations. I am 21 married and with two kids, a 3 year old and a 2 year old and we are all vegan hailing from Halifax nova Scotia. I have been vegan for 2 years now, a cold turkey sort of transition. Which all came from becoming a mother and a much more compassionate person whose choices started to become well thought out when they were effecting new beings that I brought into this earth. Wow, run on sentence much. Becoming vegan awoke this passion and appreciation I never knew I had, for food, for life for people. I love to cook and I love to create and I love to non cook up some delicious raw vegan sweets. 
Well, let it be said, Hello to all.


.............HAPPY NEW YEAR.............

hello everyone, im javed, im new in this forum, find it good so far..... & thanks for sharing ur information....


Meh, i wouldn't say i'm new. I've been here since 2009 but i never realised it was a forum  :-[
My name is Brittany but well, BrittanyBear is seriously my nickname and what everyone calls me. Apparently i'm good at hugging?
Vegan for about 6 months, Vegetarian for 2 1/2 years.
I'm not very good with giving information about myself. Though i do live at Whole Foods and those little cafe's where some of my friends play with their bands.
I work at a bookstore owned by a family, but i will probably have to quit considering i have a lot of college work. I'm going to college to become a Natural Medicines doctor. And double majoring in Herbals Sciences and Chinese Medicines.


hi!!! everyone  :-D


Thank you for sharing your feelings.Here we can learn a lesson.


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