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a simple introduction

hey all,

new on this site and was a former veg for almost 10yrs, left for a year and nlow coming back and trying to remember how to do this again*, honestly i just got lazy and need a little refresher on how to kick back to vegan and maintain with out a bucket full of subs and other things i cant pronounce. Im on the road of a simple and adaptable vegan, not a vegan who needs special equipment or special foods in order to eat (because of my lifestyle) so....if anyone has any suggestions or info :)

Thanks all

Welcome! I think you'll love it here! Tons of super simple recipes to ease you back into veganism! My number one tip is just to replace meat with vegan meats -- sub in tofu, tempeh, seitan, veggie burgers, whatever else and use your old favorite recipes. Easy peasy! Good luck!!

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