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So, how about... Utah

I'm a bit new to the site, hailing currently from Southern California (OC) -- and now I'm on the cusp of a move to, of all places, Park City, UT.

Looks like Park City, where I'll work, is pretty well set up for the fancy tourists with a Whole Foods and other natural markets... but not sure exactly what I'm getting into with the small town scene. 

I'm going to live in Heber, a slightly larger small town -- and it's got nothing to speak of when it comes to a search on vegan friendly anything.

So I'm just hoping for friendly people, at the very least. 

Even if not there, hopefully here. :)  Hello.

i think there are a lot of vegan peeps up there, my friend kaycee who blogs at and and a few others lives in that area, i'm sure you will be fine.

haha i live in the "oc" too :)


My friend worked there and he said there's a lot of drugs (lots of coke), probably unlike other areas of Utah (this was about a decade ago).  Normally that wouldn't mean much to me, but for Utah I guess I figure it means people won't have frigidly religious personalities in Park City, specifically.


Welcome to the forum, it's nice to meet you!

Even if you don't find many vegans where you are moving to, you will definitely many nice ones here.




Thanks, all! 

Yea, I've heard Park City isn't really representative of most of the rest of the state, but I suppose I can't say much till I actually spend some time there. :)  I enjoyed the coke=not too religious correlation -- most people that I've talked to about my move have only had three words really to say: State Liquor Stores. 

I don't think, till that moment, I had realized how important drinking is to like 99 percent of the people around me!  In reality, it won't really be much different but my coworkers are quite afraid for me.  heh

I'm glad of it's nearness to SLC, so I'm not totally rural and looks like a hub for some like minds.

And yea, looks like there's some great people on here, too. :)


oh snap i forgot about the watered down alcohol there... screw that, i would never go there!


That is what I've heard! But I heard that they only water down beer and only offer special like Heineken, but I had a Stella at my hotel bar... and I don't think it was special so not sure about that...

Dang booze rumors!

Does life end at 3 percent? Really? 

I tend to go for organic NSA wine anyhow, and that's hard to find even in So Cal, to be honest...  :)>>>

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