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struggling to get back to healthy eating.

Hi everyone.  I am trying to get back to eating my vegetables.  I used to eat really healthy and be really healthy.  I really miss those days.  I started emotional eating, because I gave birth to a son 18 months ago who was stolen out of the hospital at birth due to my sexual assualt victim status.  Social workers are very ruthless oppressors and have written lies on almost all of their documents, and so I started eating stuff I never ate before.  Including chocolate and soda.  I had gotten myself down to 127 lbs there for a bit, but now Im back upto 138 and feeling god aweful broken down and weak.  Im also on the computer for hours a day when before my son was stolen I was very active and lived a healthy and sustainable outdoorsy lifestyle.  I have to get myself better again.  Anyone have any tips?  Ive been trying to get myself back for like 9 months now, and it's not working.  For those of you living on $100 of foodstamps a month, what kinds of food do you eat when you are having to eat many times a day due to stress? 

Sorry to hear about your heartache! Dont give up. Id say try to eat snacks like popcorn or nuts. Comforting for me when I just want to stuff my face.


Food items deemed "healthy" might be pure meals, normal meals, total meals, and also at times dietary supplements. These kinds of merchandise can be purchased within wellbeing meals stores or perhaps inside health/organic parts of grocery stores. "Health food" may also talk about practical meals that designed to address certain health issues, such as deterrence of disease.
regards priya

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