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Veg to vegan mom & dgt

Hello everyone, I'm the mom and I've gone through many transitions over the years with my vegetarian/vegan journey.  My daughter who is 15 decided she wanted to be a vegetarian at age10.   She has asked a few times over the years if she could be a vegan but as a busy mom with two carnivores in the house as well I was not able to make the commitment of time which I knew Fromm early vegan years it would take but now I am ready for both of us to make the leap. Any advice on how to make this as easy and economically as possible would be greatly appreciated.  

Hi! Welcome! I suggest just trying to veganize your favorite recipes. If you like chili, sub the meat with veggie ground round or TVP. Just get creative, so you're used to the flavors, but you're animal product free! Then, try buying more in bulk, exploring recipes here, and making veggie main dishes and meat on the side for omnivores!

Good luck, you can do it!!


My hubby ate tons of vegan fooods I cooked before he was even a vegatarian.... seitan, okara soyboy burgers, original vegan bova burgers, daiya cheese (mostly the shredded mozeralla kind) and tofurkey sausages and litelife sausage meat are sone of his favs and my nonvegan friends love them too. Try these with the carnivores and if they go over well then there are tons of meals you can eat together!


Hi I read your post as asking advice on making the transition from vegetarian to vegan, yes?  If so the most challenging aspects wil be finding replacements for cheese and a nondairy milk alternative that you like to drink.  In cooking when I substitute for milk I like to use either Earth Balance Unsweetened Soymilk (in the refrigerator case) or sometimes I just soak raw cashews in water and grind it in the blender.  There are so many milks and non-dairy cheeses, creams and yogurts--really, it will just make your head spin.  Some of them are good, some of them are gross--just keep trying to see if you find any you like.  You will also want to get yourself some flax meal and ener-g egg replacer and tofu to have on hand to replace eggs in your baked goods.

I am not sure if you have been to a bookstore or library recently, but there are a lot of vegan cookbooks.  There are also recipes on this site as well. Mori-nu and Turtle Island Foods (maker of Tofurkey) also have great recipes on their sites.  One of my favorite websites to recommend has recipes reprinted with permission from many cookbooks:



i want read doujin


I'm also recently vegan and I've found that it's not sooo hard to make my favorite meals vegan. I also have a daughter that is just now exploring becoming vegetarian.... good luck!


Write down what meals you want veganized.

Collect vegan recipes.

Also know what stores sell vegan food.


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