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Vegan wanna be

  Hi I am so happy I found this community, Im very green at being a Vegitarian?Vegan eater and I was looking for a sample Vegan shopping list for my next trip to town and found an excellent one on here and that lead me to lovely  recipies . I am heading to the health food shop to get more nuts and yeast, I already have a a pretty good supply of staples as I have been trying to eat healthy for a few years now but had never omited meat till last year and dairy and eggs just a few weeks ago and last week I researched and realised I can get healthy oil from other sources not  fish. I never ate alot of meat as I could not stomach eating the beef we raised or the chickens I fed, I always admited I would be a vegitarian if I had to kill the animals.

  I am very new to this but have noticed my acne has vastly improved I am 45 and always had it  for 3 weeks out of 4 the other week it was scabbing ! My period is lighter and my boobs dont hurt, I am loosing weight of my tummy and thighs without trying, and my gall bladder has not niggled me at all for at least 3 weeks.

This will be tough for me as everyone around me is a meat eater they are farmers and hunters, the only good thing is I am single now and only have to cook for my youngest son , the older two come to visit on weekends. I am scared to tell people my goal is to be Vegan as they will be sure to mock me and try to trick me into being hungry enough to eat a burger (  I always take a supply of healthy snacks with me) anyhow I am so happy to find this sight as I will need some fellow animal lovers and healthy people to talk to as I really dougt I will find any Vegan friends around these parts.

Looking forwards to hearing from new friends Alison


Hey Alison !

Welcome to veganism ! Glad to hear you are having a decent time of it so far , and seeing some improvements with your skin . Don't worry too much about other people , and don't feel like you have to tell anyone about your personal choices , especially those who may mock you . Just get used to saying no thank you . Maybe , at this point , is they ask , just tell them your stomach has been bothering you , and you have to eat light . Think about getting into the habit of soaking your seeds , beans , and nuts , it will help you digest them easier , and avoid problems in the future . Good luck !  


Thank you Bombadil , yes tonight my boy friend asked me to dinner this weekend , chops

Horrid I said I can't eat fat, but I really am haunted by the movie Earthling . I can't get those poor
Animals out if my mind . I have been apologizing to all animals I have eaten while I drive, in private
I think I won't eat meat again ! I am not the greatest cook but so far I am in love with the new food. I
Just when I try to tell people how I feel they tell me "man is a meat eater" ugh!


Hopefully your boyfriend will respect you , and your decision . If not , well , you might need to think about things . Sometimes people will project thier own issues onto other people who embody them . If we feel bad about something we do , rather than do the work on ourselves , and explore why something triggers a response in us , we choose to look at others , find flaws , mock , belittle , and do things to make us feel better about ourselves . Life should be all about free will , we rule our own destiny , and have to take responsibility for our reality . Like Ghandi said , be the change you want to see ....and remember , thoughts become things .


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