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Vegetarian to Vegan

So i am a vegetarian right now trying to get into the vegan lifestyle. I was a vegatarian for 6 years, started when i was 13 i stopped for a while and started on new years again and i am as happy as ever. I always wanted to be a vegan but wasnt sure if i could handle the food changes so i am slowly working my way to becoming one. my family doesn't support it and it makes it harder on me. i am just happy there is a whole community that understands and i have complete respect for other veges =)

Hi! Welcome! It can be hard when your family isn't supportive, hopefully you can find good community here to help out. Once your family starts seeing all the tasty stuff you're making, hopefully they'll become more curious. Definitely stay in touch with the reasons you became vegan, it'll make it stonger to stick to your resolve. And get out there and experiment with new foods and flavors, being vegan is delicious! Good luck!! 

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