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Vegetarian to Vegan

Hey everyone,

I am so happy I came upon this site! It seems to have everything and has been very helpful thus far. I have been a vegetarian for two years now and have wanted to shift to vegan. I rarely find anyone who is vegetarian let alone vegan. I always wanted to try vegetarian but didn't until I went to live in the jungle of Costa Rica with my dear friend Eric. He was vegan and so stuck to his diet throughout our trip and continued on with being vegetarian when I returned home. I wanted to shift to vegan but was unsure how and wanted to do it properly. Eric lives up in Oregon so I felt it was hard to make the transition without having someone to ask questions or adivce from. I recenlty just transfered my job back to my home store and was plesantly surprised to know that a co-worker was Vegan! It really got me thinking of shifting again to vegan when i started talking to him. I feel like I'll have him to hep if I have any questions as well as all of you! My family is supportive but at the same time they are not. They are not mean or discouraging but my mom thinks that your body does need meat every now and again. They now accept and do not worry as much with me being vegetarian but I know that they will have plenty to say with me going Vegan. I think my mom will be worried for awhile but then will see that it's ok and not worry so much. Her best friend is Raw so I think that has helped her open her thoughts on everything. I would eventually love to go Raw but I don't think that will happen for awhile. I'm really excited to begin and to have this site to help with all of you :)

Yay! Welcome!! Yes, please ask any questions you have, we're happy you're here!

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