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Wisconsin Vegetarian

Hey guys,  my name is Easton and I am a 12 year old vegetarian. I just found this site and am very impressed. I would like to know if any one has vegan pizza dipper recipe including marinara sauce. And I am a vegetarian but I would like vegan recipes becuas e I want recipes I will be able to use when I go vegan!!!!

Hi! There are SO many recipes here for you to experiement with, over 15,000! 

As far as pizza, we have tons of delicious ones -- see which ones sound the best to you:

Also, I've found that Field Roast sausages and Daiya cheese are great toppers for vegan pizzas! Experiement with all different kinds of vegan meats and cheeses, you'll find some you like! I put tons on and make a "Meat" Lovers Pizza Supreme!

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