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Young Grasshopper :3

Well, hey there! I decided that I would join this site for encouragement and direction today. I've thought about going vegan for a good deal of time now, and I'm finally ready to take the first step. Sometimes it's hard, considering that I'm a teenager who is engrossed in early college and staying busy, but I'm tired of giving in to the peer pressure and jeopardizing my mobility and health. I want to feel better about myself and feel better physically as well. I struggle with chronic pain daily due to a rare genetic disorder, and I hope that this lifestyle can help me lose some of the pain. Here's to staying motivated and keeping healthy!

Welcome, young grasshopper!! :-) 
Good for you for going vegan, and I really hope it will help you with your health problems! How has it been going so far? Do you have cooking facilities at your college, or are you still living with your parents? Feel free to ask questions, and of course, browse the amazing recipe database here!  

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