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$$$ Any Low Cost Vegetarian Shopping Ideas?

So, now that my omnivor live-in boyfriend has come to terms with the fact that I am a reborn vegetarian, we are activly looking for ways to fit our half veg and half omn meals into our tight food budget.

Last time I went vegetarian I was eating romin noodles and cheese pizza. I want to do it right this time, but I need to fix this money issue or I'll probably have to revert back to the unhealthy options :(

Hi Megan,

Great that you are looking for a healthy veggie lifestyle. When on a budget, my best advice is to buy ingredients, not finished foods. Who knows, maybe cooking will be a fun hobby that you and the BF can enjoy together!  Vegan/Vegetarian diets are less expensive than meat-based diets, so you should see an advantage at the cash register...


The best way to cut cost is to meal plan. Also now that you are incorporating 2 diets you should still only make 1 meal that your b-frind can add meat to. For example one night you want fajitas.... you sautee all of your veggies and then a ###small amount of meat for him that way you are not a short order cook. Another cost saver is to buy produce that is in season, don't buy a 4 pack of corn on the cob in the middle of winter. And what is in season you can bulk up and freeze for later like strawberry in the summer when it is cheap and then freeze extra for winter.


Extend your produce. If you buy raspberries, apples, mango, citrus, avacado. Eat the more perrishable ones first then the less perrishable ones will last you longer and you will always be changing it up do to when you shop and when you re-plenesh.




 Agree with meal planning. I am married and we have a baby boy. My husband is definitely an omnivore while I am vegetarian. I hope to become vegan in the near future. Well, I must say it most of the times we have to eat 2 seperate meals but lately I try to incorporate things together so that we can eat similar meals. For example. I buy big bags of items when I can likepotatoes and onions. Tonight I made homemade mashed potatoes instead of processed boxed or bagged ones. Then I cut up carrots and made sliced carrots and he is having zesty chicken while I am having pan fried tofu YUM! 


Meal planning is your best option, however what has worked for me is wheni cook I have a meatless day where my man has to eat what I make. Boxed stuff is always more expensive,


^continue from above, comp froze up^

However, if you have a local coop and farmers market then get your produce there. Not only is it local, but it is a lot cheaper and has all the thing that are in season. You can always freeze extra veggies if yo have to much so you can save it for later.

Also, PETA has a cookbook for college kids trying to go vegan that has loads of great recipes that are super easy and cheap to make. You can always make a small amount of meat on the side for your man, but meat is so expensive that I advise buying small amounts of it. That will save you a ton of money and time! :)


Hi Megan, there is lots of low cost vegetarian diets. You can try the eating well magazine, they do have some great cheap vegetarian recipes. Some of them will even come to less thank $3 per serve. Sharon - professional website design services

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