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confused (2006 forum format feedback)

ummm im relatively new here (to this site  i mean)

and a couple changes have happened since i been here but i R E A L L Y don't understand what all the complaining is about

i mean  ya, we got LOTS of information for free dudes, FREE!!!--helpful information,

do we know how to say 'thankyou' for that, nope, we just bitch, complain, rant and whine

i mean come on...its a website--save recipes on a back up disc--nothing is forever(well, God is forever, but that's a whole nother topic)seriously, change is good--go with it

learn to  grow with it, be patient, and b eing patient is NOT how long  you can wait f or something, its the attitude you have while you are waiting

soooooo relax, take a deep breath, check out the site again and deal with it,,,maybe people don't like soem of the changes y'all make in your lives, but hey, its not the  end of the world is it?--

no nneed for hositility, change is inevitable and so is farting so just  go  with it man and don't be nasty about it


Website owners update websites very frequently.  Sometimes things go a little wrong and crazy for a while, but mostly things change for the good.  The nursing board I belong to does this often and sometimes there are bugs and kinks to be worked out.

I don't understanding the vehement complaints, whining and threats to not come back either.  But mercifully they've been few considering the overall number of members.

I think this website is awesome and I totally don't sweat the small stuff in life. I'm patient and adaptable to change because it's been the story of my life.  I came to this website probably 8 or more years ago and it's not the same site it was then.  I expect change.

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