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Do Me A Favor (NVR)

Please vote for my friends daughter.  Go here:  and scroll down and vote for Sarah Thompson.  I'm not sure how long the vote will be up, but every vote counts.  She is in the lead after being 2nd for a long time, so every vote counts and it only takes a few seconds.  Thanks!!!

okey dokey


Thanks Brad and others who may have voted. 

Thanks guys!!!

SHE WON!!! (Mom says even though the computer will still let you vote, the official voting ended). She is so happy and mom is proud. It really means a lot to them. Mom thanks you tremendously and will be writing a note.

Thanks for coming through for me on this one guys. You're awesome!


My friend sent this note.

A very special Thank You to everyone who took the time to vote for my daughter,
Sarah.  I still cannot believe it - but she did, in fact, win Prep Athlete of the Week.  She
was able to do so through the kindness of all who took the time to hit the "vote" button. 
I am very grateful to you and so very proud of her!!  Thank you again, Theresa
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