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the fashion thread?

ok, so i don't know what to call this thread. especially cause i hate fashion, but it seems like some people want to join in so whatever.

ok, so i need shoes and i am showing you guys my dresses so you can get an idea of what i wear, i guess. so not super dressy, but i do usualy dress "nice". people generally think i am older than  am and cite that i don't dress like i'm my age ( i think that is code for: have you been in a mall anytime in the last ten years?). my pants and shirts are the same as my dresses, but vary in color a bit more. i'll have to photo-shoot those next. basically, i want shoes that go with everything and that i can also wear for an interview if i have to.

my dresses...excuse the fact that i'm lookin' terrible today it was my first day back at work and i left early. and my face s still swollen.

right now i'm leaning towards... but  can't decide if they're also interview appropriate

I love your dresses! You look so good in all of them. #2 and #5 are particularly sexy. Anyway, I think those shoes would work well except maybe if you're concerned about the low straps and having them slide off. Those are really cute though.


I really love dresses 2, 3, and 5. Sexy! You look great. How do you feel about #6? From what I can tell, I don't like it much. It definitely looks old (like old fashioned, not old raggedy). I still like the olive green shoes with pretty much all of those dresses!
Those shoes that you posted are a bit more casual. They would be fine for certain interviews, but probably not for all. Like if you were going to go all out, and wear a jacket/suit/really nice dress..I don't think they would go that well. Ya know?

This is fun! I just bought some shoes (thanks, hesp...). I'll post them later. <3


like dress #6, it looks weird in the pic, though. i did get a stain on it, though so i was thinking about dying it all black.

hmmm... i know what you mean about them not being super dressy. i am having such a hard time finding something that goes with the rest of my stuff that would still be appropriate for a nicer interview. i think that's why i was thinking about doing a strapy sandal kind of thing at fist, cause i feel like it would be easier to fit into either category, but maybe i'm wrong about that. i mean, apparently, brown matches with neither pink nor purple. dustin informed me of this last night. everything i thought is wrong.

but yeah, my overall goal is wardrobe minimization. i like having all colors that go together and stuff.


brown matches with purple, and definitely pink! I love brown and pink. check out this website:

they have tons of shoes, and they are all pretty inexpensive ......I've looked at every shoe

eta: the shoes on that site are a bit more stylish than totally functional


you're a hottie. just run around nude. hahahhaha


Gosh, I love your dresses. You're so cute in all of them.

I have nothing to contribute fashionwise, but I would definitely get a dressier shoe for an interview. Maybe buy something secondhand if you cant' find a good non-leather one online.

I'd think a wedge would go nicely. Just a slight heel. You look pretty petite, so give yourself a boost.

We talked about this a bit in chitchat. She wants a shoe that will be suitable for biking as well, so I think a wedge is out. Would definitely look cute, though.

Hesp, do you ride in those dresses? Shorts under?


yeah i just wear shorts under most of my dresses. if they are from my knee down sometimes i just wear underwear (i hate wearing underwear) and hope my dress doesn't fly up.

yeah, i'm super short.. 5'2", i think.

vh, i'd love to run around nude all of the time.


You have a rockin body! Show off your legs as much as humanly possible LOL... You need a pair of black flats!!!!!! They go with everything! I got mine from Steve Madden and I <3 them


i have black flats and i HATE them. they are one of the pairs i am trying to replace.


i have black flats and i HATE them. they are one of the pairs i am trying to replace.

So you don't want black flats in general or you just don't want the ones you have?


hmm mostly the ones i have. they just feel like they are going to fall off of my feet and i'm not partial to the style of them, i guess.


I really like dress #9! :)

1, 4, 6 (I think) would work with those shoes.  I think the other dresses (from what I can see) need something a little dressier.


actually, i have no desire to dress up my dresses, i just want shoes that go with all of my normal clothes (not super dressy) that are dressy enough for an interview. i am so frustrated.

for an example of what i thought would be perfect shoes yesterday
i was going to get (these are the ones that were too big)...

i mean, lets say i had an interview at a nice place (this is hypothetical, anyway.. i'm seriously contemplating applying at chipotle right now... yes, chipotle would probably be a step up from my current employment)... if i wore all nice clothes and then had some presentable, but not dressy, shoes would it be awful, or just be a cute little way to show some character?


Hesp, have you tried Vegetarian Shoes? They are expensive but good quality so they should last. Plus they're doing the job of 3 pairs of shoes. so...
These are brown and have a small heel but I think they'd look good with the dresses you have.

Or maybe these? I think they're quite nice and you seem to like the T-strap.

The Vegan Shoe Lady would approve, methinks.


Hesp. I like those shoes. I think it just depends on the sort of interview and what else you'd be wearing. Like, I think they would work with dress slacks.

AC, I want to not like those last shoes too, but I do. I dont think I would like them on me, but I think in certain outfits and certain people they would be marvelous. (Boot type things don't fit my bony legs, arrrgg.)

I want to take pictures of all of my dresses and put them on here. For no reason at all. I just want to now.


hespy - I love dresses number 6 & 10, so cute!!

In terms of shoes, I don't know what you should get but I do like these and think they would be dressy enough for an interview:

AC are those ALL the shoes you bought, or just ones that you like? it!!


Oo. The first ones seem like they would be better suited for what you want. I like them. I really like the second ones too, but it's just the  matter of if the strap is too far to the front for biking and things.



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