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Help? veggie online grocery?

since i'm pretty much home-bound, i can't get to the health food store here in town. my husband doesn't drive and can only get as far as the local safeway for groceries.  however, they do not have many things i like to cook with.  the main two things i really need right now are Tahini and Nutritional Yeast, which they don't carry.  Does anyone know of a store online that ships these things?  Fred Meyer stores will ship Tahini but they don't have nutritional yeast, only brewers yeast. there is also a chocolate peanut butter i really like (i can't remember the name, something like peanut butter company?) that i would also like to get my hands on.  if anyone knows where i can order these kinds of food to be shipped to me that would be great! thanks!

What about Amazon?


There are some online vegan stores, like veganessentials or veganstore (pangea) or cosmosveganshoppe , but there's a good chance those products may be cheaper on amazon if available, even if only because of free shipping. You might luck out and get one that has "subscribe & save," where you save 15% more (? yes?), and which you can cancel after any time. ... I sound like an ad, but I use it all the time.

nutritional yeast:


the peanut butter you're probably referring to:
- has subscribe and save
or maybe this:

though since most things are going to come in packs, it's really only good for things you consider staples (like the tahini or pb). Might not be a good idea to get a 6-pack of pomegranate molasses  ;)b


Vegan Essentials carries both items you are looking for:  The nooch seems reasonably priced but the tahini is raw organic so it's a bit pricey.


Regarding Vegan Essentials and discounts, they regularly give out coupons which are really good for stocking up.  You just have to sign up for their newletter.  I've been on for quite a while and you don't get deluged by email.  Which is good.



I found Tahini at one of my local basic grocery stores in the kosher food section.  Just a thought to check there.  Some wmployees may not have a clue what you are talking about.


wow thanks guys! i had no clue amazon sold groceries too! :) that is most DEFINITELY the peanut butter i'm looking for. considering the health food store sells it at about 6.00 a jar that's an awfully good deal. :) thanks so much!!

a little pricey, BUT sells top quality stuff and has reasonable shipping charges :)  I also personally like amazon a lot.
depending on your opinions, also ships SOME groceries.


thanks!! :)

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