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I wrote a paper about veganism!

...And then put it on the web.  :> Wanna see?

Yes, I know, due to the fact that I'm hosting from such a silly site no one will probably ever see it. But I had fun with it and if even a few people can see it, that's really exciting to me. :D

Also, I linked to Vegweb!

;)b  Very well written!


Thank you! :D


Great job, tlb! :)


Good job!  I really appreciated the tone you took.  I am working on cutting back on the animal products my family consumes for health reasons.  One of the things that convinced me to look seriously at some vegan options was a cookbook I stumbled on at the library with the new books.  I love to cook  and the pictures looked good.  I did not realize it was vegan until I was reading the intro at home.  Teh author's attitude was t present things non-vegans would eat in hope of getting them to move a little toward his ideal.  If everyone moves  a little, it would be a big change for the good.  Thanks for a job well done.  If things we consistantly presented this well and with this respect, I think more people would "think vegan" for a few meals a week.

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