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It's Official! :)

I think it's official! I am currently craving TOFU! Usually, I crave something totally unhealty and loaded with grease and carbs.  But today, as the hunger pains begin to settle in, I'm craving tofu.  I think it's official, I'm a vegan.
I started vegetarian in January and in February cut out milk and slowly eliminated other dairy products.  By march, I was dairy free.  I had stopped buying things with processed eggs at that time too but was still eating an egg on Saturdays when my dad would take me to breakfast.  I finally took the eggless jump at the beginning of the month!  I feel free knowing that I don't have to eat the crap I used to. 
When did you KNOW you were a veg head?

Happy veganing!


Yay! Congratulations and welcome to vegandom!  ;)b I've been vegetarian most of my life & vegan for about 2 years.  I guess I knew I was vegan when I started cooking greens like kale & collards.  I never would have cooked those sorts of things when I was a vegetarian.  Now I crave them like mad.  I eat collards practically every day for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  You will see more and more how your pallet will change for the better. 

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