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For Joelle/SparkleJ (vegwebber shout-out)

I went to the PLA Conference in Boston last weekend, which was very fun and I got lots of free stuff. Anyway, I met Andrea Mercado, who went to Simmons. She was one of the bloggers. She didn't know you (and I'm not sure if I ever talked to you. It's been awhile :)), but I thought it was a small world (I mean, it's not like Simmons is all that far from the convention, but still...:)

Oh, that is cool! I had no idea you were a library nerd, too :)

I go to Clarion, which is in western PA.


I was a special ed teacher for two years :)


Holy moly! What a small world, indeed. I didn't stick around for any PLA adventures this past week, as I am swamped by school work. There were some events on campus on Thursday, but that's not my regular day on campus. If I'd known you were in the area, we could have met up or something. Ah, well.

And Sandhya, how in the world did this not come up in conversation at lunch the other day??? We're both students at the same school, and we've never realized. How funny! We should totally meet up for lunch or something.

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