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A little help, please!

So... we just found out yesterday that our son got a month long internship at Animal Place in Grass Valley. He leaves Wednesday! Can you all think of simple foods/meals for dinners he can take with him that preferably don't require refrigeration or much prep?

So far I've gotten him Reese's Puffs, lol! I have some staples, like peanut butter and jelly, but wanted some other ideas too. He HATES to cook, so the simpler the better. Or maybe you can just recommend a particular brand that I may be able to find. I read that the Oriental Ramen noodles are vegan, so I thought he could make those and maybe add in some tofu and some kind of veg.

Oh, and do you know any brands of cruelty free hand sanitizer or wipes and Kleenex???

Any help would be much appreciated! We are SO excited for him! :)

Buy some jars of pasta sauce or stir fry/curry sauce.  That plus some pasta/rice and some vegs or tofu or whatever makes a quick and easy meal.  Also canned beans...refried beans for burritos, or any kind of beans to add to other dishes.


Thank you for the ideas. I appreciate the help.


canned beans and rice are staples I think everyone should eat.  I would also suggest canned fire roasted tomatoes, they can be used in any recipe that requires tomatoes plus if you want pasta, just mush them up with Italian seasoning - thats another things. Make an "emergency spice kit" of different mixes, a good Italian, curry mix, stir fry blend etc depending on what you  like.
Taco shells are great too, but while they don't need refridgeration they don't last that long.  Also, and normally I don't suggest this, you could do the obvious canned veggie mix. Or even better yet - mixed veggies in glass jars, unless you can have a freezer then I would get stir-fry blend veggies n such. Great for a quick meal.

umm yeah I could probably think of a l ot more later but my head just feels like jello  :-\ and congrats


Thank you for the suggestions, fay. And hope you feel better!

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