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long nite for me.

a few hrs ago merrick fell off the bed. thankfully he didnt hit his head on the table beside the bed. i have been waking him up every hr or so and he has woken up everytime. i dont think he landed on his head but im just waking him up to be on the safe side. jason upgraded this thing. i love it b/c its faster and has a new motherboard, pentium 4 cpu chip, 512 ddr ram, 2 tv tuner cards, new power supply (other one was going out, i know a little bit about computers b/c of my brother, zack and jason). b/c he put the motherboard and cpu in i had to put windows on here again and couldnt activate it until yesterday b/c we lost the net for a few days. i called the police last week to see about my stuff and i got the run around with the dayton police (said i needed to know the detective's name) and the sheriffs office couldnt help me at all. so i will call my cousin (if i remember to) and ask him to find the detective's name so i can try and get my stuff.

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