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The official, amazing, aimless chitchat thread.

So this is where we go to make small talk that doesn't really fit into other threads.
It's the thread with no attention span!

Frequent, arbitrary changes of topic are encouraged.  In fact, they are mandatory.

So, I was just thinking, wouldn't it be awesome to have the decor in each room of your house be inspired by a food?  Like, I was cutting up eggplant today, making my accidental eggplant chips, and I though, wow, this eggplant looks so pretty against this green plate!  I would love to  have a room inspired entirely by eggplant colors.  And then I thought there could be ones inspired by mangoes and apples and sweet potatoes and pretty much any other pretty food.

Hey, a friend of mine made these really awesome mosaics of all her food pictures based on color.  THIS is what I mean:

So, what was I saying?

I'm sooooo tired. I worked two jobs yesterday for a total of 13 hours, mostly on my feet, and I get to do it again today. I don't know how people do the two job thing day after day after day. It's exhausting.


So I didn't want to make a thread for this and it might be gross but whatever. Does anyone else have really HUGE nose pores full of gunky oily gunk? I'm trying to figure out a way to stop them from happening. All I do now is squeeze my nose to bits every once in a while but I can never get it under control. I don't really use any face wash or anything because my skin is always better without it. It's kind of like blackheads just very very huge.
Some one help me before I squeeze my nose off.

^ No. Ew.


Squeezing it will only make it worse because of the bacteria on your hands and nails. Use witch hazel, like Savvyidler said. There are even drug stores that sell cotton pads pre-soaked in it, so you can carry a package with you to school or work or whatever. Or just buy a bottle of it and dab it on with a cotton ball or if your pores are infected, a swab. Do this at least 3 times a day.

If you have a Lush store, you might check there or on their website. Ask for the manager, they are usually pretty knowledgeable about their products.


Hello, hello!

I thought I'd stop in and join the random chit-chat. I'm new to VegWeb and would love to make some connections on here. I ran across another topic that said "VegWeb is dead" but why should it be? Let's bring it back to life!

While the thread is on the topic of health & beauty... has anyone heard of and/or tried the "no poo" ("poo" being "shampoo") method for hair washing?


Hi arynjulie24! Somewhere, there's a whole thread devoted to the topic of not shampooing your hair. A bunch of people tried it and reported their results. I think most people eventually went back to shampoo. Alas, we can't search for old threads; so I can't point you to it.


Arynjulie, I love to wash my hair, it makes me feel cleancleanclean, but since I discovered Lush solid shampoo bars (thanks to the Vegweb family!!) I am much happier. They look expensive but last and last. I usually buy 2 (Karma and Jumpin Juniper) and they last me about 6-8 mos.


Thanks veggydog and yabbitgirl! I'll have to poke around and see if I can find the old thread. And I'l have to look into Lush shampoo bars too! :)


Previously I claimed that off-site search engines would re-crawl the site "soon" and make finding stuff in the forums easier. It seems I was wrong :|

Moreover, other than threads which have had posts since the new site launched, they are not in order. So the only realistic way (that I can think of) to find older threads is still to remember / find the thread's exact title (search engines are actually helpful for this, since the broken links they list at least use the right title) and normalize it into the form the new site uses. Normalization, in this case, basically means stripping out common words and punctuation while putting a dash in place of any whitespace.

I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but it has discussion about both washing and non-washing, so you might find it interesting:



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