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Pastry Brush

Now, this may sound stupid, but I just have to know.....

Is the pastry brush (the bristles, I mean) vegan friendly? I currently own a couple of silicone ones and would like to buy an old fashioned one if  it is vegan friendly; but when the label says 'with natural bristles', I find myself walking away from it.

Please let me know.

Thank you.

I'd probably just check with the manufacturer. I don't think they'd use actual hair for something used on food, but I could be wrong. If you can't find out for sure and you're worried, just stick with the silicone one. I find they're easier to wash anyway. :)


I think a lot of them are boar bristles. :( I think the non silicone ones are gross anyway, because the threads/hairs come out.


yeah I have a crappy bristle one (not real bristles - it's vegan) but it is really rubbish - it just clumps together and the bristles fall out.
I have been hinting to N to get me a silicon one for my b'day.

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