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Reasons to frown

Ok, so we have a smiling thread.  This thread is for all of the little dumb things that make you frown, or angry, or sad, etc., etc.

I'll start.  I had chili for lunch today.  I brought some crackers for the chili and a banana for breakfast.  THE CRACKERS ABSORBED THE BANANA FLAVOR THROUGH THE BAG, SO I HAD BANANA FLAVORED CHILI FOR LUNCH! >:(

No sleep.....arg!


The UK company that sells Totoro plush dolls won't ship to Spain.

They are reasonably cheap.
They won't sell it to me, because they won't ship it to me.

And no one I know feels the way I do about it. Sigh.


No sleep.


Me either, Storm, two nights running. And anything I click on here today causes the page to hang.


Slept two hours last night and the night before....I feel so refreshed....NOT!


I've been prepping two students, sisters, in separate classes for 2 different English certificates. The elder sister told me the registration fee for the exams is like 200 bucks, and did I think she should sit the exam. I was honest; I told her I didn't think she was ready. If she wanted to take the exam and give it a try,well and good, but I wouldn't. I felt if I told her "go ahead, you'll be fine" and then she failed (which she would have done), she would have accused me of being a bad teacher. And she probably would.

She got mad and dropped the class. Her sister was away last week...and the stupid cow waited until 15 minutes before she was supposed to be here,  to call and drop her class too.

I don't mind losing the classes, as such--they were summer students and kind of in my way for the fall term. But what an uncool way to do it. 



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