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Seeking Eco- Housemate(s)!

Feel free to pass on to friends!


Seeking Housemate(s) to Share a Communal Living Space in Ottawa, ON!

Seeking one or two housemates to find and share a communal living space together.  Seeking the following:

* Eco/open-minded/friendly folk who enjoy communal living and intentional communities
* Adults only (mature students only)
* Mature, *clean*, respectful, willingness to share household responsibilities
* Accepting of a very sweet, introverted cat
* Interest in living somewhere along Centretown/Westborough corridor somewhere close to quick transit
* I have furniture for the pad, but we can collaborate
* Preferable move-in of June 1st (or earlier)

A bit about me:

* Mature, respectful, open-minded, social
* Youth worker
* Non-smoker
* Active, community-minded individual
* Appreciative of cleanliness!
* Respectful of others' private space
* Enjoy a balance of guests/dinner parties and tranquility, social space and quiet time
* Vegetarian; enjoy cooking of and sharing food; embracing of omnivores

(I think you get the picture...)

Hope to hear from you!

loveourkids resist ca

Asking for a roommate from VegWeb with two posts? Seriously?

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