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VegWeb slow???

VegWeb pages load so slowly for me. I visit other sites that load much, much faster.

Is it just me?

no, you are not alone lezly.


works ok for me, but maybe thats cos i have high speed cable internet, i dunno. i guess there is quite a lot of stuff that has to load on the pages when they open- sometimes i get the green background and the header, then have to wait a second for the rest of the page to catch up, but not much longer than that.


I've noticed this too but only at certain times of day. As we are 7-10 hrs ahead of the US depending on time zones, I put it down to traffic on the page...everyone trying to access at the same time. Patience is not my middle name, I was even a premature baby. But I guess I'll learn, it's certainly worth the wait. ;)

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