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5-6 Small Meals Daily?

Hi! I've been diagnosed with GERD and my doctor recommended eating 5-6 small meals daily to deal with my reflux issues.

I've noticed an intolerance for tomatoes, citrus, and onions, and things like brussels sprouts eaten in larger quantities.

Does anyone else eat small meals, and/or can recommend small meal ideas? My doc said to limit to about 1-2 cups of food per meal.


I eat frequently although I'm not sure all of my meals would be deemed "small". I like snacks like raw veg and dip, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes with dips or salad dressings or thick soups drizzled over them, or a cup of soup and a piece of toast, apple with peanut butter or almond butter. You could also take something you might have in a larger quantity and just split it into lunch time meal and a snack time meal.

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