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Antibiotics and yogurt

I have been prescribed by my doctor Amoxicillin. She suggests to me that i eat plenty of yogurt to avoid a yeast infection. Im not sure soy yogurt will have the same effect.
What should i do?

Go to your health food store and look for acidophilus.  It's a liquid and will be in the refrigerator section.  If the selection is like mine, there will be 20 options and only one of them is vegan.  VegLife (vegan!) also makes capsules -->  FOS-idophilus.


yeah, basically your doctor is saying that she wants you to take probiotics.  The amoxicillin is a broad spectrum antibiotics - ie it will kill your body's natural bacteria as well as those causing the infection.  The normal body flora keeps fungus in check and so by knocking out your normal bacteria you MAY get a fungal (yeast) infection.

If you can get soy yoghurt with probiotics in, then that should suffice.

However, the clinical evidence for probiotics preventing fungal infections is weak.  I'd say it's up to you whether you want to take anything or not.  HH is right to say that acidophilus is an option....but from what I've seen in the UK, it is extremely expensive.
Personally I've taken broad spectrum antibiotics in the past and not suffered from fungal infections.  However, having suffered from thrush several times (not antibiotic related), it really is not a pleasant experience.  If you're susceptible to thrush then I'd say try to take something.
Otherwise I wouldn't bother.  But that's just me.


i have taken amoxicillin several times, and i've never had a problem with yeast infections. sometimes i get a bit of an upset stomach, and that's the only time when i go for probiotics.


I feel like adding -->  on the occasion that she did want to start taking something, those are options.  On the occasion I take antibiotics, I don't take a supplement and I've never had a problem.


yeah, true. there are also probiotics in pill form, though i'm not sure if many of the "regular store" brands are vegan (likely cultured on dairy?). even though a container would probably be way more than needed, it's not like you have to be on antibiotics to take probiotics anyway.
i've been on amoxicillin for only 5 days at a time, so if that's the case with her, i don't really know if it's worth the effort to go buy probiotics. But if it's 2 weeks +, yeah maybe.

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