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Anyone Else Anemic? How did you Overcome?

I've struggled with anemia for about 13 years now, and I've been a vegetarian for the last 2 of those years. Back in March I got my bloodwork back:

Red Blood: 3.49  *healthy range @ 4.2-5.4*

Hemoglobin: 10.3 *healthy @ 12-16*

Hematocrit: 30.8 *healthy @ 37-47%*


For the past week I started back taking Floradix. The bottle says 2x per day, but I usually have it 3-4x. I read online about liquid chlorophyll to drink 1/4C. I used to drink that last year, but only like 1TBS per day. I just read about black strap molasses too.

Anyone here overcome anemia? What did you use with best results?

Molasses in smoothies and added to soymilk (or whatever kind you drink), raw baby spinach salads (mixed with other greens + dill and stuff if you don't like the spinach taste), and I think beans, and prunes too. Also in order to absorb iron properly you need something elts. I think its vitamin C. Broccoli has alot of vitamin C.


When I stopped taking the pill, my anemia went away...


Dairy foods with a high calcium content (milk, yoghurt, cheese) inhibit iron absorption. Spirulina and raw greens powder should be helpful. I had a chemical intolerance that completely destroyed digestion and brought the hemoglobin-levels down to half of yours. My doctor said it wouldn't be possible to remedy it through ingestion. However, green clay water fixed the problem in a matter of weeks. Probably because it contains a lot of minerals and also improved the digestive problems.

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