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Anyone out there with Fibromyalgia?

Just got recently diagnosed with FM.  After months and months, since my daughter was born in August, with cronic pain, fatigue, migranes, no sleep, and etc I now have a diagnosis.

Anyone else out there.  The only other person I know is my mother in law, and I love her, but she takes tons of meds and constantly complains about how bad she feels.  I don't want to be that way, but my mom thinks this is all in my head, and believe me, its  not.

So, I could use some friends, especially veggie ones.

First of all, hugs to you. I can only imagine how painful that must be. I have known people with it and it seems like a real challenge.
The only thing I can add otherwise is that someone I knew who had it went on a vegan diet and it really cleared up the symptoms. This was a long time ago, but I know it helped immensely. Diet can make such a HUGE change in things like that. Good luck and hugs again!!!


Wait, your MIL has FM too, and yet she thinks yours is in your head? Nice.  >:(

Do have tests for food intolerances, my neighbour has FM and has discovered she basically needs a vegan diet to control it. In her doctor's words, animal milk is poison to her system.


Sorry, Yes my MIL has FM, very uncontrolled.

Its MY mom who thinks this is in my head.

I haven't had allergy tests done but I do have celiac disease, so no wheat, barley or rye and only gf certified oats.

I did feel somewhat better when I cut out meat and eggs a few months ago.  I still eat some dairy very occasionally, thinking I will cut that out soon.  I have hears of some medical studies lately that recommend a raw vegan diet to help manage symptoms.  Don't know if I could go 100% raw unless it took away all the symptoms.  I live in WI and it is freaking cold here.  I need warm food sometimes.  But maybe I might go part raw, that would be really easy in the summer atleast.  We shall see.

I just don't want to fill my body up with drugs unless I have to.  My MIL does that and she still complains all the time.

I don't want to do that.  My kids need a healthy momma.


My twin has fibromyalgia.  She occasionally takes medication for it....but only when it's really out of control.  I've tried to get her to try a vegan diet but so far she's resisting.  I know that she feels better when her weight is down and she gets massages with someone who specializes in treating people with it.

Good luck!  I hope you find something that helps you.


My wife has FM... it's a bummer when it really kicks in for her. MAybe now I can convince her to start and accoun/post here.

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Here in Spain, they mostly try to treat it with antidepressants...which sort of tells me the doctors think it's "all in your head" too... >:(


Here in Spain, they mostly try to treat it with antidepressants...which sort of tells me the doctors think it's "all in your head" too... >:(

That's the easy way out for them, because doctors much of the time *don't know* what's going on so they do a process of elimination or blanket approach.... and hey, maybe there's side effects to those anti-depressants and they could treat you for those, but hey they never did figure out what was *wrong* in the first place lol...I think Eastern medicine is more highly intuitive and better corrects imbalances and problems in the body, and addresses the *whole person*. Western medicine is all about medicating or cutting something off  :-X After all, Western medicine's origins were entertainment (arena-style!) where onlookers watched and got splashed during surgieries  :o


My mom has FM.  She is pretty overweight, although she doesn't eat tons of bad food, but she could make healthier decisions.  My husband and I recently went vegan so my mom has been challenged to decide what vegan recipes to make for dinner when we come over.  She is definitely intrigued and I would love for her to give it a try for just a month to see how it makes her feel.  The downside is that my dad is a butcher from a small farm town, so the whole idea is a bit strange to him.

I've had some chronic pain and noticed it is going away as I have been vegan.

I don't understand FM and it is easy to believe it is just in someone's head because it doesn't make sense, but at the same time, it is very real and I understand how reliving it is to have an answer to all the strange symptoms.  Best wishes with your symptom management.  I hope you can get the support and relief you need to feel normal.


I have had FM for a very long is eating well (vegan is best) but also how you tolerate pain. I have my daily pain that I have learned to live with but stress, anxiety and life can get make you crazy which in turn makes you suffer horrible! I 'decompress' everyday with something, it doesn't always work but most days it helps  ;) the other issues I have found common among others is food allergies, some have one and others have several. When you have FM it is day by day as to if you are able to get out of bed or not. Check into acupuncture as a relief also, since FM is muscle and nerve based this is one way to get some sleep and a treat at the same time!

Your mom needs to wake up to reality  >:D ...there are tests that rule out other diseases, since FM is often misdiagnosed due to so many symptoms that are the same as lupus, chronic fatigue and depression. 

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