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Been running 2 miles a day since January and no real progress...what gives???

I have been trying to cut calories and I have been running 2 miles a day since January and I am getting no where....Any suggestions on how to loose these last 10 lbs!!!???? I am 135 and want to get back to 125....

Try adding in weights! You don't need a gym either, it's easy to do exercises with things you have at home (lunges, planks, pushups are all great). I really like Self magazine's website, They show you great exercises online. Weights help you lose more body fat than just cardio alone, I've read 2 articles about it recently and they both say to do the weights first, then cardio. That way you've burned through your energy supply first, so when you hit the cardio you're pretty much just burning fat. I've lost about 10 extra lbs since adding in a circuit of weights 3 months ago.  ;)b


Uuugghh I agree I need to do more weight training!! I need to make more time for that for sure...

Thank you!!


Make sure you're not eating back those 2 miles, or 200 calories. It's funny, because it feels like you've done so much during a run, and then it's the equivalent of a couple of cookies of an extra...something. I have a bad habit of "rewarding" myself with food after a run, because in my head I've burned so many calories. I don't know if this is the case for you or not. I personally found it easier to lose weight when I was running low mileage than when I was running much higher mileage, because I am just SO HUNGRY when I run more. Just a thought!


That might be true, sometimes after a run I have peanut butter toast...peanut butter is like my crack. I am so addicted to it! I might just have to keep it out of the house for my own sake!


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