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Bloated! Will Vegan Help?!?

Hi, my name is Stephanie and i am new to vegan lifestyle! I'm trying it for a healthier lifestyle because i feel tired alot and am bloated constantly!  I just want to feel good and feel energized!! would you say that a vegan diet would help!?!?

Hi Stephanie,

im in the same position as you. I was vegan about 15 years ago and lapsed but couldn't get away from the fact that it was the healthiest that I had ever felt.

I felt constantly bloated and uncomfortable and decided it was time to be kind to myself again. Two weeks in and I feel great. Eating vegan is filling me up before I can overest and keeping me full for longer and best if all the bloated feeling has gone, so stick with it and it will prove itself very quickly!

Mike :-)


Awesome Mike thanks!!  that's good news because it's my first week and so far i've noticed it a little bit... but iw as worried it wasn't going to help!  what happens if you do eat meat on the rare occasion? does it make your stomach ache?

stephers : )


google the causes of bloating.


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I have always had an issue with extra water retention I suppose just being a woman.   Well being vegan did not help that issue for me,   basically just cutting down on sodium works great and eating a lot of foods with natural water also works good.   

Stay away from processed vegan foods like soy burgers and mock sausage.  Yes I know they are good but you won't be bloated as much if stay away from them.   Also I can not eat Seitan without feeling very fat the next day.  Weird because I never thought I had issues to gluten but I suppose I do.    And I love making homemade seitan, so now save it for special occasions.  

I am 51 and post menopause now and this is what seems to work for me.   Of course lots of raw veggies and a couple fruits a day,  homemade beans and lentils,  And for my grains,  brown rice and other grains besides wheat.    I love sprouted grain breads but can't get them where I live without driving at least an hour.   So I pretty much do without them ugh.    

Also watermelon, and watermelon seed tea is your friend if you are carrying extra water retention.    

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