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Brand new at being Vegan

I am brand new at this vegan awesomeness. Any tips from people who have been doing this for a while? What was the toughest thing for you? What are the things to watch out for? How can I expect to feel in the first little while? How long does it take your body to adjust?

Welcome to the wonderful world of veganism, Inna. 

You'll find a lot of tips and recipes on this site if you spend some time looking around.

One recommendation I would like to make to you is the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. It presents a great deal of scientific information about the health benefits of a whole foods plant based diet. Campbell goes over some amazing peer-reviewed studies showing the connection between the consumption of animal proteins and all the major diseases of western civilizations. 

I think reading the book will help you to understand just how wise a decision you have made by becoming vegan. I suspect that if you are anything like most people you know that it is a healthy move but probably don't yet fathom just how healthy. I know of no single action a human being can take that will do more to prevent and even reverse chronic illness than becoming vegan. Couple that with the obvious truth that it is an entirely more ethical lifestyle that benefits animals and the planet and it becomes a win/win/win situation.

Best of luck to you and again, welcome to the community of vegans!


Just gather vegan recipes.


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