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Candida - advice sought

If anyone has advice regarding combatting thrush, I would truly love to hear from you.  Please do not respond here but, rather, email me at: 
Because of a serious health problem I am, unavoidably, on a longterm, low dose antibiotic (1 tab 3x wk).  I am sure that women readers will appreciate the effect of this on the female body.

must admit i am surprised/disappointed to have had only 1 response.  so, i am moving this thread to the top of the queue again in the hope it may motivate others to respond.

thanks to sandhya for her email.



Many thanks baypuppy, I shall check out the link.



I stopped wearing deodorant and/or antiperspirant about two years ago... I haven't had a visit from the yeasty beasties since.  I've tried different "more natural" deodorants, but if I wear any of them for more than two days in a row... the itch returns. Sometimes my pits smell, but I'd rather have smelly pits then a yeast infection any day!!



Honestly I have never experienced a yeast infection.  *knocks on wood and crosses fingers and toes in hopes that stays true*

I use a crystal stone type deoderant and it helps with odor but does not stop or inhibit perspiring.  It has also never caused me to react.

Sorry!  No info from me because I have none. 


Thrush usually refers to the white coating on the tongue and throat that can occur with the body reacting to or throwing off a yeasty or other critter.  "Yeast Infections" can occur in lots of places, but for women, the biggie is the vaginal one (guys can get them "there", too!).  Keeping the environment slightly acidic helps - rinses with vinegar & water or even Betadine and water can help.  Systemically, watch your overall sugar intake - including foods that can convert to sugars, like more highly refinded starches and alcohols.  Keep your teeth brushe'd to reduce sugar conversions in the mouth.  There are cookbooks available specifically for systemic Candida treatment that may help you avoid any nasty side effects from the antibiotics.  If you are on birth control pills, be cautious as the antibiotic can interfer with the bcp's effectiveness!


thankyou everyone.  the deodorant suggestion, intrigues me K2.  i used a crystal deodorant for years.  was excellent, although i did not commence taking antibiotics until june last year.  for one reason or another, i changed back to a chemical-ridden variety in 2005. i shall revert back to the crystal.  yes K2, a slight underarm smell is far preferable to a yeast infection.
the sugar factor, i am aware of.  there is little in my diet anyway.  but i shall be a little more conscious of that again.
a cookbook may be helpful.


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