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Cavities? for me? IMPOSSIBLE... i have one though

Ok well i brush me teeth all the time. after every meal, cup of coffee, soda.. anything.
I brush my teeth about 20 times per day... and i floss. Every once in awhile i will whiten them.. just in case.... and i brush my teeth with baking soda alot...
  I drink soymilk fortified with calcium....
3 yrs ago i got braces taken off.. and my teet have been fine since then
UNTIL yesterday i was flossing my teeth and i noticed that i had a cavity inbetween my front bottom eeth.. that cannot be from lack of brushing them...... so im wondering if i have a vitamin defficiency? can anybody help me?

lol, nope i dont smok,e no eating disorders deff not lol, whch is why i dont get why i have it!


i don't know why you would have cavities, and I was sure pissed when i had TWO cavities this year. i made it 20 years with no cavities, through all that sugar and processed crap I use to eat and then i got two.  >:(


I brush my teeth about 20 times per day...

If you're not being completely facetious, that may be part of it. Too much brushing can be like a sugary snack, I'm told...


Sometimes it's just genetic.  How are your parents teeth?  Some folks have softer teeth than others.  Braces definitely do not help maintain healthy teeth (although they are worth it, for me at least).  I got mine off, let see...20 years ago (gasp) and you can definitely see where my teeth have "aged" differently where the braces were, if you get close.  Same with my hubby.  And I took pretty good care of my teeth.  Talk to your dentist about veneers and such; they help protect the surface.

Also there has been some research into the food you eat effecting (affecting??) your teeth from the inside, as in certain foods make you prone to cavities by what they do to your system, not just direct contact with your teeth.


Sometimes brushing your teeth too much or too hard can be a bad thing.  It can cause the enamel to wear down, leaving your teeth more apt to get cavities.  Just a thought.  You could have sealants put on, that would help.


My enamel is fine... hehe i always make sure im not wearing my teeth down=)
  My parent teeth are fin too... normal and very healthy
Do you think its cuz im not getting enough vitamin D ( ive heard it causes tooth decay) and if so how could i get more? without lying all day out in teh sun cuz i have no time .. lol

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