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Dark Circles Under Eyes...Do you think this is weird...

Well I ALWAYS have had dark circles under my eyes. I've heard many things it can be caused by such as allergies, liver stones, poor circulation etc.

Well yesterday  for the 1st time in 3 weeks I had whole wheat bread (I usually eat sprouted eczekial bread and NEVER eat whole wheat bread) and ate more than I normally do (2 bananas, some soy butter, wheat bread and soy milk) in addition to my dinner (sandwich and yam fries) It doesnt sound like a lot but I was STUFFED!)  :-\

Anyway I woke up this morning with HORRIBLE puffy and dark eyes . I notice if I eat more than usual  (even if its healthy.... or sweets this happens. I also perspire which I dont normally do.

I am surprised that eating this food caused such a bad reaction. I did a juice fast 2 weeks ago for a week  and have only been eating whole foods since then.  I can only deduce that my body is highly sensitive to processed food/and too much food as well.

Is wheat that bad? I'm not allergic to any of the foods by the way.

P.S. I had a good nite sleep so I know that wasn't it.

Man I was so embarassed to go to work. It looked like someone socked me in both eyes.  :o Seriously!

Gluten, maybe? Just a thought. You might ask a holistic doctor or parapharmacist. That's what I'd do anyway.


I usually find that overeating causes all sorts of nasty side effects. When I get totally out of control (I struggle with some binge eating issues), my entire body gets puffy and sore, I'll sweat profusely, dry heave, and develop some horrible gas. :( Not pretty, I know. Obviously, you didn't do anything that extreme, but you might have gotten a few of the more minor effects of an occasional overindulgence.
I think the puffiness after larger amounts of food is probably caused by the increased level of sodium you intake. Check the level in your bread, sometimes whole-wheat (or any kind of bread) has entirely too much in it.
As for the sweating, I think that might be your body working a little harder to digest the food. Fiber overload from the bread, bananas, and yam fries perhaps?
These are just a guess; I suppose gluten overdose or something of that nature might be the culprit too. But a few of your "side effects" sound like the ones I experience after a bit of overeating; so it might just be your body's maladjustment to the amount of food you ate.


I get dark circles whenever I'm the slightest bit dehydrated.  It might be a side effect?


I have huge, dark circles around my eyes, and have from birth.  The dermatologist told me it's something I will always have, just part of my genetics, I guess.  But these things make them oh-so-much-worse:

too much dairy food
too much sodium
spicy food the night before
anemia or low iron
cold or flu
not enough sleep
a bruised nose (all the black & blue goes right to my eyes if I bump it)

If you suspect it might be allergies or too much sodium, or a cold or flu, try drinking lots of water with a little citrus in it (lemon slice, lime slice, a few drops of juice).  The citrus acts as a gentle natural diuretic and will help you flush out your system.  Drink LOTS of water and make sure you are getting plenty of iron, and they may get less egregious.

I find that eye creams specially designed for making dark circles less visible don't have much effect on me, although they may be soothing.  What DOES help --only a little-- is a cream rich in Beta Carotene: Aubrey Organics' sea buckthorn serum helps (it also keeps my rosacea in check), and so does Burt's Bees' Nutritive Carrot Day Creme (ingredients follow: company is obviously non-vegan):

Filtered water, hybrid sunflower oil, stearic acid (vegetable fat), vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, beeswax, balsam peru, orange wax, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), wheat germ oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, aloe barbadensis, carrot seed oil, sodium borate (natural borax), rosemary extract, xanthan gum (natural thickener), sucrose stearate (sugar emulsifier), glucose & glucose oxidase & lactoperoxidase (sugar & natural enzymes), fragrance, beta-carotene.

I can't do anything in the long run about the circles; they will always be with me, and sometimes I just look like a raccoon.  I used to try to spackle over them with makeup, but I've given up and learned to love the way I look without war-paint.  I'm embracing my inner crone instead... and wearing my carrot creme.  ;)

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