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I want to cry! My parents think I am crazy and my father the biochemist cannot understand my choice to become a"crazy vegan". My husband is apathetic and ambivalent. I have lost 50 lbs but no one will focus on that....I feel so alone and wish I could find a site devoted to newbies. I love my vegan lifestyle and will never go back to carnivore....but would be nice to share this journey.......:(


Try "The Vegan Forum".  I am a member there and that site is MUCH more active than here.  Most of the members there are based in the U.K. but there are a few from the States.  They are very very helpful there though and very friendly and the site gets daily traffic.  Vegweb used to be great back in the day but they have really slowed down and there isn't much activity here.  I love the recipes though.  But for social support I have found The Vegan forum to be the most active, and they have a state by state subforum also.  Veggie Boards is another active forum that includes vegetarians and vegans and they have subforums for newbies and those transitioning.  I am not a member there but may consider joining just for added social networking. 

You are not alone dear!  My husband is also an omnivore and still wants to argue with me about my lifestyle.  His parents do not condone my veganism either.  My own Mom and sister have attempted to go vegan and were successful for a few months but have fallen back into old habits.  I am pretty much on my own also but I am still very committed to veganism two years on and I don't really need real time support to keep at it.  But sometimes it is nice to be able to chat with others who understand and get it, and not have to constantly defend myself and be attacked for my choices.  I hear you there.  It has been trial and error for me over the years learning how to make it work where I live and so on but I have found some awesome support online and people are always willing to answer questions and help.  Just keep at it.  As I said this site is very quiet lately.  You might have to search elsewhere.  One other site that is relatively active is Post Punk Kitchen.  They are more into cooking and food related stuff (more so than animal rights activism etc) and the site is designed in a similar way to Vegweb.  Might want to try that one out.



Nature I feel we are kindred spirits....I have always called myself a humanist now as a vegan I feel whole, ....I am 48 and finally feel like I have something that fits me. My husband eats more meat now then before....I just laugh....but going to the grocery store is a doctor told me to read the book Skinny Bitch, and it changed my life. Now I embrace all life......even those foolish enough not to embrace mine....those who lack vision, refuse change.....stagnate......I am blossoming and despite the drama I feel good about being vegan


Oops and thanks


I completely understand. Anytime I show the slightest bit of emotion towards anything my father attacks me with the usual phrasing of, "You're doing that stupid vegan liberal bullshit." I'm under constant stress mentally and physically because of it. He bashes me all day long, and attacks for no reason. It's so hurtful and emotionally crippling at times. I do hope things get better for you, and I hope your family doesn't attack you in the same way they do me. :(

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