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eating disorder support

Hi everyone,

It has been so so so long since I've posted on vegweb. I remember there was an eating disorder support thread but it seems to have been inactive for a long time. Anyone interested in bumping it or starting something similar, maybe more relevant if people's needs have changed?

Hey there aggplanta, 

I'd be interested in communicating with others, but not sure how to start it so to speak....


Hi aggplanta!  It's been a long time for me too, but I remember that support thread.  I am not doing well at all in regards to my ED (relapsed last November and weight is very low).  I have been in school for some time and the stress of it, coupled with two major injuries last year involving stress fractures in my iliac area, spine, and foot from overexercising (I also have osteoporosis), put me over the edge.  I am struggling with a lot of issues but I have not been able to open up about it to anyone and probably won't for a while.  I wish I had better news, but EDs are so unpredictable sometimes.  I hope you are doing better!  Glad to hear from you!

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