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The effects of animal fats on the human body

Anyone seen this? I thought it was pretty cool!

Thanks for posting this video.  Wow, more and more medical doctors are speaking out against the American Diet and in favor of a vegan diet.  It is inspiring to see this.  The glass tube of Mr 290’s blood is an amazing visual.  Some day (I hope) all animal products will have a warning label from the surgeon general stating that eating animal products can be hazardous to your health.

One thing I would like to add is that vegetable oils also have some amount of saturated fat (depending on the type of oil) that is just as artery clogging as the saturated fat from animals.

The fat from beef is about 50% saturated fat.  But, about 82% of the total calories from an avocado are from fat, and 15% of that fat is saturated fat.  Olive oil and soybean oil are similar, about 15% saturated fat.  Peanut oil is 19% saturated fat.  Palm oil is 51% saturated fat.  Coconut oil is 91% saturated fat.

The other thing I would like to add is that Nutrional Facts labels on vegetable based foods can be misleading.  For example Trader Joe’s Organic Chocolate Soy milk has a total fat content of 3g per 8oz serving.  The label says Saturated Fat = 0g.  But soybean oil has 16% saturated fat, and 16% of 3g is equal to .48g.  So they rounded the .48g of saturated fat to 0g and are giving people the impression that there is no saturated fat in it.  When in fact there is really about a half gram of saturated fat in each 8oz serving.


this video was fasinating, the doctor spoke in plain english, so I was able to watch the whole thing. And he was in favor of going vegan. And I know that vegetable oils have a bit of saturated fat, but its so much less than animal products. This man is amazing.

A wonderful contrast to the doctor that tried to blame me being sick a while back on me being vegan.


Why do most doctors just blame any issues a vegan has on  the person being a vegan?
Shouldnt they know that it can be healthy?

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