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FAO: Yogis and Yoginis out there ...

I've just started a yoga class (8pm - 9.30pm) and would really appreciate suggestions on light but filling foods to eat before attending.  I get home from work at about 5.30pm - 6pm so have little time to get some food.  Last week I made soup and tried to finish it before 7pm (I left for class at 7.15pm) and was starving when I got home about 10pm so had a little more soup!.  This week I think I'll make soup the night before and reheat same with a view to eating before 6pm.  Any suggestions as to what works for you would be much appreciated . 

You should try to aim for two hours between eating a meal and doing yoga, and longer for heavy meals. That way your stomach is not full or as full and frankly working out on a full stomach is just uncomfortable. So I would suggest eating a big breakfast, a good lunch and maybe having a snack or two before your class...what time do you usually eat dinner?


Thanks.  I thought it was something like 2hrs so yeah  I was trying to eat before 6.  We usually have dinner 7-7.30.  I guess I'll have to stagger my eats on a yoga day, maybe have something like a sandwich around 4ish and a little soup before 6.

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