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food allergies

so, i've really been getting into raw foods lately but keep running into the same speedbump - i am SEVERLY allergic to bananas - an ingredient in a large percentage of raw recipes. any suggestions on a substitution? i've used avocados in place a few times, but i was wondering if there are any other options (i am also allergic to apples, but that doesn't seem to come up as often).

also, anyone else suffer from food allergies while being vegan? it's a pretty limited diet on top of a limited diet, we should start a support group!

The maximum affecting allergens vary somewhat from country to country, however milk, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat and sesame are the common allergens in India. Red meat allergy is extremely rare in the general population, but a geographic cluster of people in India allergic to red meat and there appears to be a possible association between localised reaction to tick bite and the development of red meat allergy. Fruit allergies occur from fruits like apples, pears, jackfruit and so on. Corn allergy is sometimes difficult to recognize in places where corn derivatives are common in the food supply.

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It's not an allergy, strictly speaking, but I am gluten-intolerant, and that can prove quite interesting... Used to be the case that I could stroll into a restaurant and get pizza sans cheese, or some noodles and veggies, or a teriyaki stir-fry, or a veggie sandwich... not so much any more! I've had to really really fall in love with salad...

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