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Food for Cycling.

Hey y'all!

I'm looking for good, gluten free and vegan energy bars to eat on my long bike rides. I can make them myself when I'm training at home, but during the race season, I'm going to have to buy some. Does anyone recommend a certain brand?




I have used raw revolution and think they work well for longer sustained rides. Vega is supposed to be good also but they are kinda pricy. I know there are some other vegan bars out there that contain gluten like Cliff, Power Bars etc. I raced for Kennesaw State the last couple of years. Have a good season. 


The KIND bars are just fruits and nuts and they are pretty delicious. But they are not "sports bars" if that is what you are looking for. BTW, I've been enjoying my canister of chocolate Vega One.  So maybe their bars are good too.

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