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Gestational Diabetes & Being Vegan

I have been recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I am a 7 months pregnant vegan.  I have been very cautious and have planned appropriately since the diagnosis but was curious to know if there are any other vegan women here that have also been similarly diagnosed (during pregnancy) and if so, how did everything turn out?  I am an decent shape and my test results have come back with flying colors but it has definitely been on my mind! 

Thanks everyone!

I also had the GD with my pregnancies, everything came out fine, but two of my kids were a bit bigger than the average baby. Still delivered vaginally, but OUCH!!  My last was the easiest tho, I'm ovo-lacto, so that made things easier, since beans had too many carbs, and I couldn't eat them much at all.  Don't forget to eat plenty of nuts, avacados, and olives.  It was a struggle keeping my caloric intake high enough to keep my weight from dropping, the avacados really helped.  You can do it and still be vegan, I was sick of cheese and eggs after the first couple of weeks, and couldn't have milk due to the lactose, so the last two months I was vegan.


I too have lost a slight bit of weight but this will surely help.....I luuuuuv avocados!  Thanks again!

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