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Goal Tracking Club

This thread is for people who formally want to track either one or two goals and hold themselves accountable to each other.  Research says that people who quantify and track their goals in a way that keeps them accountable lose up to twice as much weight.  :)

These can be any type of fitness/health goals, not just weight loss or the like.  It could be an amount of time spent working out, or drinking a certain amount of water each day, or losing a certain number of inches, for example.

Here's the chart I made, but I don't know why it's showing up so small.  Let me try to fix it....

Here is my goal:

My overall goal: My goal is to lose 3 pounds per month to reach 110 pounds by the end of July.  (I'm barely 5 feet, nobody panic, it's not that low.)

My starting point: 128 pounds.

My weekly goal:  That's 0.75 pounds per week, approximately, or 3 pounds lost per month.

I have other goals, like the amount of time I work out, water I drink, etc., but the weight loss is the overarching goal that will result from these, so that's what I pick.


Here are my goals:

Goal #1:  Weigh 130lbs! 

Starting point: 138 pounds.

Weekly goal:  1lb/week.

Deadline:  8 weeks ~ 2/28/10.

Goal #2:   Run 780 miles this year!  .

Starting date: 1/1/10

Weekly goal:  15 miles/week

Deadline:  12/31/10

I'll be starting (officially) today and will check in every Sunday with my progress. ;)


*snip*I hope people participate!  Shell and I will be the founding members.  I'm going to start right away, and aim for next Sunday, but feel free to jump in later.

Eeeep!! Now I have to stick to my plans, if you're making me founding member!  Nah, just kidding I need motivation.

I need to figure out precisely what I want to achieve.
I want to lose weight, but not sure what I currently weigh.  My scales aren't working so I need to weigh myself and then I can decide what a realistic target is.
I also want to lose some off my waist.  Again I need to measure my waist and then decise what a realistic target is.

I know I could measure my waist now, but I want to start both goals together, just coz that's how I work.


Awesome!  I'm glad you're playing Lauren!

Do you have a gym with a scale, shelloid?  That's the only place I measure my weight.



monthly goal: half a size per month. i cant really track less that that so every sunday ill just track how loosely my clothes are fitting.

im doing it by size because i hate scales.  ::)


Yeah veganhippie you can just give yourself a quantitative score each week (say, 1-10 scale, and you just judge for yourself how you did) if you want.  Another option is to measure your waist.


the problem with my gym is that there are lots of scales and they all tell me different weights ::)  None are digital and so I can't tell reeeaaallly accurately what my weight is.
Because I think I'll be aiming for little weight shifts each week, I want to weigh myself on digital scales.

And I'm glad to see other people playing too!


I made a little preliminary chart above.  I'm gonna make a nicer one (in excel) when everyone finishes signing up to play.


I want to do something, but I want it to be more gym related. I'll come back when we're all set up with the gym.  ;)b


I'm in! But I'm running a little late for Zumba (which is directly relevant to the goals I would put here). So I'll think about it and return later.


Hmmm... I'd like to do this, but I'm not sure what I want my goals to be, yet, because I don't care to lose weight or inches, I just want to get fit for healths sake. I'm going to be signing up for yoga cause Dustin got me a gift certificate, but that will be only a couple of months and then I will be back to other stuff. I might just make this something like work out X amount of times a week in addition to normal living activities (aka riding bike to work doesn't count)... Should I be more specific or what?


That sounds good!  Since you are not doing weight/inches, then a certain amount (times, hours) of activity is a perfect goal.


i'll do this. because accountability = good times.

DR and I joined the gym today and I am WAY out of shape. part of it is not eating enough, part of it is not really working out. so i have a couple goals:

Workout Goal: go at minimum twice a week and do 45 minutes of cardio (walking or better) - i might update this after i see how much my ass is kicked tomorrow. i'm worried i can't do it :(

i put some other goals down and deleted them for fear of admitting to too many bad habits. one at a time, baby!


yayyyyyyyyyy I'm glad so many people are participating!


OK, here I go:

Goal: Weigh 135 pounds by July 1 2010

Starting point: 159 pounds

Increments: 1 pound per week.

Like KMK, every other goal is related to this. My doctor told me I needed to lose some weight when I was about 13 pounds lighter than I am now. And last time I got blood work done my triglycerides were high. So, this is an important one.

There's a yoga goal in here somewhere too that's not weight-loss related per se, but I don't quite know how to formulate it b/c I have no clear endpoint in sight.


I'd like to do this but I'm going to hold off until my baby's born and see how much I'll need to lose.  Be back in March or April sometime!


so I finally fixed my scales (ok so I changed the batteries, that was all that was up with them!)

Goal 1
To get to 58kg by March 7th - starting weight 61.2kg
For everybody interested that's a goal of 128lbs from starting weight of 135
Total goal loss of 3.2kg (7lb) or 0.3-0.4kg per week (0.5-1lb per week)

goal 2
To have waist size of 27.5in - starting size 29.5in
Total goal loss of 2in

Hmmm, putting it that way doesn't sound as bad, but I know it'll be tough as I'm not really over weight or big for my height (5ft 6).  I'll try my hardest though.


you all have such certain goals, it's great... I just kind of rock along to the gym because it makes me feel better but I've never really had a purpose.
I like this accountability thing though so I'll have to have a think.
Maybe my first goal could be about getting back to the strength level I had before my gym-hiatus?  Measureable by percentage increase of weights used? I dunno...


i weighed in at 140. that isn't too bad - i was 132 in high school so in 11 years only put on a little. still wear the same size.

i went to the gym! i met my "moving" goal of 45 minutes. i did some bike, then this weird thing, then an elliptical. then i found out the treadmills upstairs have the own tvs on them! with cable. cool. i also did some weights like a wimp.

cammie joined the gym also. cammie + bp + DR = gym buddies



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