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Heat issues?

Just spent a really active day out in 80+ weather and my legs are killing me. This has happened a few times this summer: if I'm active in the heat for more than 20 minutes, my legs end up feeling like I've run for miles. I've spent more time indoors than out this summer, so I know I'm not really used to the heat, but this seems strange. I'm wondering if I'm low on potassium/sodium or something. Any ideas?

Leg cramps may mean you are low on magnesium and poss also vitamin E. A lot of women particularly are low on magnesium without realising it. I dunno where we put it, but so it is.
Stay hydrated; I know that sweating makes us lose a lot of mineral salts, which is why they put them in those sport drinks like Lucozade etc.

If you've ever had heatstroke or heat exhaustion, it makes your system predisposed to it. I speak from experience here! Drink lots of water or juice-and-water (real juice, not sugary stuff from a box), try to cool off by running water over your wrists or feet. I used to wring out a teatowel and put it on the back of my neck.


I have been having bad muscle aches too. And it is so frustrating because I used to be so active and full of energy.

I have a bottle of magnesium around. I will start taking it daily and see if it helps.


Thanks guys. I did some research and it does sound like heat cramps from being low on electrolytes. Especially because I tend not to feel like eating in that heat, and I only drink water. I probably just depleted myself further.

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