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Heavy period + meat cravings/dreams?

Okay so I know the logical answer is that since I'm having a heavy period I'm craving meat because of the Iron or low b vitamins except that I eat plenty of greens and b vitamins and I DO infact supplement with b12. So WHY am I craving meat? 
A friend told me its just becuase I'm wanting to think of comforting things? I walk by a place cooking meat or in the market and I smell it and I want to throw up, when I cooked meat like a year ago it made me throw up, I can't imagine doing it now.  I'm just bothered by the fact I'm thinking it in the first place. 
Also It's important to mention that I've been DREAMING about eating meat, and not only that but smoking cigerettes too, (which I quit over a year ago also) 

so anyone have any ideas on why I'm dreaming about this and what I can maybe do to make it go away? Could it have something to do with protein ? i know thats a touchy subject for vegans but I eat more of a high carb low protein mcdougall style diet so its always a thought.

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