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i feel horrible! my stomach hurts!

My stomach really hurts.  I tried some ground flax seed with my oatmeal in the morning for a few days I only put about 1 Tablespoon and I think the bag says to put 2 on foods or mix it in.  I don't know if that is what is bothering me.  Every morning since then my stomach has hurt a lot and result in unusual amounts of gas and loose stools.  Yesterday was the worst with really sharp pains.  I went home and layed down and it lessened.  I thought I was incredibly hungry becaise I ate lunch late and the pain started outfeeling like hunger pains.  Eating didn't seem to help.  It still hurts today - but not quite as much.  I have stopped eating the flax seed.  Has anyone ever had a bad reaction to flax seed? (this was ground so finely it looks like powder).
If this doesn't get better I will have to find a doctor.  My insurance is left over from the University where I just graduated from (it runs out in August) and doesn't really cover many doctors where I live - maybe I will go to the emergency room, it does cover that.  I hate going there. 
And I have plans for going to a workshop tomorrow!  And I am supposed to do a big presentation next week - I have to be better by then. 
Does anyone know what appendicitis feels like?

i had appendicitis, but there was no vomiting at all. just a TERRIBLE pain in my right side, to the point where i was doubled over and could not stand. the appendix did not burst but it was removed within 12 hours of the beginning of the pain. apparently if it bursts it is MUCH more trouble...


Poor Delia! I too had a very "hot" appendix many yrs ago which simply started one evening after supper, I put it down to too much chai but by 2 AM I was in the ER.
About flaxseed, I *did* have a bad reaction to it when I tried it, I was eating it whole, just dumping it on my food. It irritated my...uh..what the British coyly refer to as the "back passage" extremely. I have since learned that a)the recommended daily portion is 3 US measuring tablespoons, not 3 great wholloping European soupspoonsful, and b) they should be divided among the 3 meals, not chowed all at once. It also helps if you eat crushed seed, or grind your own in a spice/coffee mill. I may try it again, we'll see.
What I don't understand is, why is flaxseed OK when linseed oil is poison? Aren't they from the same thing?
Hope you're better!


I hope that you're feeling better.  It's definately worth going to the MD if you don't feel better today. 

I tolerate flax seeds just fine myself. 


It also helps if you eat crushed seed, or grind your own in a spice/coffee mill.

Actually, it is essential that you eat the crushed/grounded seeds, otherwise your body won't digest them and they are passed whole without benefit.  They must be refridgerated in an airtight container after grinding.  I use a ready-ground variety that's in a vacuum tight bag, and I refrigerate it after opening. 


I agree with Tweety, you need to grind the seeds to be able to digest them. I add flax seeds to
my rice (or other stuff) all the time and don't have a problem. I don't think flax seeds (ground
or unground) could cause gas. Maybe you have some stomach virus. Have it checked out if it keeps
on causing distress.


How are you doing Delia???



Thank you all for giving your suggestions and well-wishes. I laid down that afternoon and it apparently turned out to be the worst case of GAS I have ever imagined!  (turning red with embarrasment! but since you can't see me...)

The pain was from one side to the other not just on one side.  I looked up appendicitis and found I only had one symptom (inability to pass gas) and when I rested for a while it seemed to get better I decided not to go to the ER.  I was prepared to go but it got better and so I didn't.

I have not tried the flax seed since then.
Who knows what it coudl have been?


If your fiber intake is generally somewhat low, than eating flax seed could have caused your upset intestines. It's quite high in fiber; about eleven grams per three tablespoons of seed. When your body encounters an unusually fiber-packed food, it can cause some intestinal discomfort and gas, until your body adjusts to the bulk.
Most vegetarians/vegans get PLENTY of fiber, so this could well NOT be your problem; if you're accustomed to a high fiber intake, than flax wouldn't cause you the discomfort you mentioned. I've never heard of an allergy to flax, but I suppose you may want to look into one? At any rate, if you wished to try eating flax again, I would recommend very small amounts at a time, until you've figured out what your issue with it might be. Best of luck!

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