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I need a fast, intense workout

If I only have roughly 15 minutes to exercise, how can I get results?  I'm dealing with a rib injury, but I can modify most things.

I typically do a 45 minute set - cardio, resistance training, stretching - but the little one has been fussy with her teeth and I can't get that much alone time during the day. 

Do you already subscribe to Zuzana's yt channel?  She does intense at-home workouts with minimal equipment.

(Don't let the fake boobs and butt close-up shots deter you.  She really does sweat.)


I would recommend a type of training called Tabata.  It is 30-40 seconds of an intense exercise (say burpees) and then a twenty second recovery.  Do five to eight different exercises each time.  The results are great!  It is similar to Zuzana's videos/training.  Good luck!



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