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hey.. does anyone know if u get all the calories from fruits and veggies when u juice them? i juice a lot and would really love to know. i've been trying to find out on the internet but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info

Hi Mrs. Daigle ,

What type of  juicer do you use ? I have been into juicing for years , started with a crappy little Juiceman extractor , then got a JL power juicer , then moved up to a Champion , and now have an Omega Vert 330 hd , which I love , and I think does the best job as far as nutrition goes . So , as far as " all the calories " ...with juicing , you do get most of the calories , but very little of the fiber . Also , the high speed juicers can damage nutrients and enzymes that are in what you are juicing through heat and friction . What you are doing when juicing ,really , is seperating the juice from the pulp and fiber , which is a double edged sword . You get vitamins and minerals and antioxidants , sure , but also lots of sugars and carbs , that have been seperated from the fiber that slows down thier conversion to blood  sugar , so you can really spike your insulin levels . The fiber slows that down . People are all about the GI , or glycemic index , but more people in the know now are looking at GL , or glycemic load , which factors in the fiber content of a food against it's carbs , to better predict how consuming the food will affect blood sugar levels . Anyway always , whole foods are best . That is why I also have , and use daily , a Vitamix . With that , I get the whole food . I do juice , but not every day . Hope that helps , please feel free to ask any other questions you might have that you think I might be able to help you with . Be Well !


Hi there, some very good advice by Bombadil above. The juicer I use is a masticating juicer and I also don't juice everyday. I try to drink more vegetable than fruit juices and whatever is available seasonally.
By juicing your body can absorb the nutrients faster and it gives the digestive system a rest from working on fiber. It is beneficial for certain purposes, I would recommend a documentary 'Fat, sick and nearly dead' ( to see it in action. Good luck x
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