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Leptin Resistance

Does anyone 'suffer' from leptin resistance?
For as long as I can remember I have never had a satisfied appetite, whether I eat a lot, a little, snacks, or big meals, vegan or non-vegan.
I just heard of this (leptin resistance) and wondered if anyone out there knows personally about it and if you have found a solution.
Basically I just get tired of feeling hungry all the time (and trust me I drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise and sleep) and would like to find out if there is a solution for me. Thanks.

there's a blurb on wikipedia about high fructose foods promoting leptin resistance. but good luck avoiding fructose =/
how about fiber? like whole grains instead of refined, raw vegetables, etc


also rare conditions such as praeder-willi syndrome can cause the brain to never feel full, due to damage to the hypothalamus. would be worth checking into more with the doctor.


Thanks for replying...
I am definitely going to try and increase my fiber although I feel like I get a lot cause I eat lots of beans and whole grains....
That is how I heard about this, a friend has a little girl with that syndrome...but none of the other symptoms fit.

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